Linus Torvalds Calls Out CTS Labs Report Of AMD CPU Flaws….. So What Is The Truth About This?

Earlier this week I told you about a company called CTS Labs who went public with flaws that are allegedly in AMD CPUs after only giving AMD a day to respond. Then they explained why they went that route yesterday, which left me calling “BS” on their explanation. But now things have gotten real with Linus Torvalds basically calling the company and their report out on Google+. I encourage you to scroll through the entire discussion as it is very interesting, but here’s some screenshots of some highlights involving the man himself in chronological order:


Tell us how you really feel Linus.

But in all seriousness, he makes some very good points in ways that only he can make them. Which is entertaining to read. While I didn’t consider the stock manipulation part, I did say this yesterday:

The cynic in me says that this company who nobody had heard of before yesterday was looking for a way to get their name in the news. So when they tripped over this issue…. Assuming that this discovery is accurate of course seeing as AMD hasn’t yet confirmed it…. They went into “beast mode” to create a slick website with equally slick videos to get their message out before speaking to AMD and giving them a day to respond. Of course knowing that they could not respond that quickly. Then when the 24 hours were up, BOOM, you get this. This whole thing sounds really fishy to me.

What makes this whole thing plausible is an investigation by Gamers Nexus which found the following regarding CTS Labs:

  •, was registered mere weeks ago
  • The backgrounds in CTS-Labs videos explaining the flaws and its research appear to be green screens of offices rather than physical locations.
  • They have a disclaimer on their website that suggests that they have an “economic interest” and have made statements to that effect.

None of this is a smoking gun. But it all sounds kind of suspicious.

As for AMD stock, it doesn’t look like it’s changed all that much since this whole affair began. Clearly investors feel that what CTS Labs has to say falls under the category of “nothing to see here, move along”.

But let’s take the other side of the argument. There’s this person who has claimed to have verified that these flaws are real:

Dan Guido is the CEO of a company called Trail Of Bits. They are an IT security firm out of NYC and they do have a reputation that is positive from what I have heard. Thus it would suggest that the flaws are real. But there’s so much “noise” surrounding this rather craptastic disclosure that it is next to impossible to separate fact from fiction. Thus my suggestion is that we all need to take a deep breath and actually determine what the facts really are. It could be CTS Labs is telling the truth. But they delivered it in such a horrible manner that nobody trusts them. The bottom line is that we need to get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later. Because the longer that this sits out there with a lack of facts, the more the “noise” will increase. And that’s not good for anyone.


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