Why You Need To Quit Facebook Right Now

Over the last couple of days, it’s come to light a company called Cambridge Analytica was gathering Facebook data to try and manipulate the behavior of millions of voters. Most notably for the 2016 US election. Reports by The New York Times and Guardian revealed that Cambridge Analytica misused data harvested by University of Cambridge researcher Aleksandr Kogan, allowing the firm to better target around 50 million Facebook users with political ads.

What this highlights is that your data on Facebook is not safe. In fact, it never was. Sure Cambridge Analytica did some underhanded things to get access to your data, but they aren’t the only ones. Facebook itself is in the business of mining data to make money. And I’m talking about the data that you create by uploading your photos, changing your status, and even surfing the net outside of Facebook. Don’t believe me? Here is a link to an article published in Time magazine in 2014 that detailed some of the ways Facebook had used users data up until that time. And here is a link to a BBC news article published in 2015 about the fact that Facebook was even tracking internet users who were not members of the social media network. Let’s face it. Information is power and Facebook has a mountain of it when it comes to every single person who uses Facebook. That means that anyone who has access to that data can do anything they want with it. Good or bad. And as the current example with Cambridge Analytica, it currently falls into the “bad” camp.

Scary isn’t it?

This also highlights one other fact, when it comes to Facebook, which is that you are the product. I for one don’t like being the product. Rather I prefer to be a consumer. And you aren’t that if you use Facebook. So, besides the fact that your personal info isn’t safe on Facebook, this is one other reason to dump the platform. Finally, you’ll also get the bonus of getting back a ton of free time by not being on Facebook. Think of what you could do with that time. You could learn a language, take up a hobby, improve the relationships that you have with people. The list is endless.

To permanently delete your account, go to this page. To deactivate your account, go here. Facebook will use some weird tricks to try and keep you as a user, because without you they have less of a business model, so be aware of that. If you need more advice as to how to dump Facebook, click here. But take it from me, this week’s events highlight that Facebook is not a net benefit for your life. It is the exact opposite. Do yourself a favor and ditch it. You’ll thank yourself by doing so.




2 Responses to “Why You Need To Quit Facebook Right Now”

  1. […] The bottom line is that Zuckerberg and company come out of this sounding like that are more sorry about the $50 billion in market cap that Facebook stock has lost, and unwanted attention that they’re now getting from various governments and regulatory agencies rather than the data breach and how their users feel about that. By the time this is over, this will go down as the textbook case study as how not to handle a crisis. And if Zuckerberg is particularly unlucky, his #fail of a response to this crisis may result in the moment that Facebook jumps the shark because their users feel that they have no choice but to quit Facebook. […]

  2. […] a story and a tweet about your choices when it came to Facebook. From the #DeleteFacebook camp came this story that laid out the reasons why you should delete Facebook. But if that wasn’t you, this tweet […]

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