Telegram Ordered By Russians To Hand Over Encryption Keys….Not That It Can

Secure messaging service Telegram has lost a bid before Russia’s Supreme Court to block security services from getting access to users’ data. Those security services, namely the FSB which is Russia’s spy agency wanted access to Telegram’s encryption keys so that they can snoop on all communications. Here’s the problem with that…. At least beyond the fact that Russia wants to spy on Telegram users…. Telegram doesn’t hold users encryption keys. Thus it’s impossible to comply with orders to hand them over. Too bad the company has 15 days to comply or bad things will happen. Though their lawyer plans to appeal. We’ll see how that plays out.



2 Responses to “Telegram Ordered By Russians To Hand Over Encryption Keys….Not That It Can”

  1. […] might recall that I posted a story about Russia wanting to get its hands on the encryption keys related to Telegram, the popular messaging app. Which of course wasn’t going to happen because can’t. As a […]

  2. […] between the Russian government and popular messaging app Telegram for a few weeks now. In short, Russia wanted Telegram’s encryption keys. Presumably so they can spy on Telegram users. Telegram said no. And as a result, here we are with […]

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