PC Optimum Issues Continue With The Mass Theft Of Points

It seems that the problem plagued PC Optimum program that is being rolled out by Loblaws has a new and serious issue to deal with. According to the CBC, points are being stolen and then the thieves go on a shopping spree:

CBC News interviewed eight people across Canada who say they’ve each had more than 100,000 points stolen from their accounts after Loblaws merged its two rewards programs — PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum — to form PC Optimum on Feb. 1.

The reported thefts are just one more problem plaguing Loblaws, which is already dealing with technical glitches with PC Optimum, and fallout from a bread price-fixing scandal, including related fallout over asking some people to send ID to collect a $25 gift card as compensation for the overpriced bread.

In the theft cases CBC News investigated, many of the stolen points were redeemed for products at Loblaws-owned stores in Quebec.

All the complainants reported what happened to PC Optimum, but they told CBC they were having difficulty getting their cases resolved. After CBC News contacted Loblaws this week, almost everyone quickly got their points back.

Despite the fact that Loblaws has “strong security measures in place”, there’s clearly an issue. And it isn’t the first time as Loblaws has been pwned before. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that Loblaws needs to give whatever “strong security measures” that they have a very quick rethink as clearly they aren’t strong enough and haven’t been for a while now.

4 Responses to “PC Optimum Issues Continue With The Mass Theft Of Points”

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