#DeleteFacebook Is Your Only Option As It’s Been Discovered That Facebook Gathers Up Far More Data Than Previously Thought

Last week, I posted a story and a tweet about your choices when it came to Facebook. From the #DeleteFacebook camp came this story that laid out the reasons why you should delete Facebook. But if that wasn’t you, this tweet laid out a second option:

But today, I’m here to tell you that the second option is not an option. I say that because of this story on The Register where users of Facebook who decided to join team #DeleteFacebook discovered that Facebook was gathering up all sorts of info including text messages, call histories, and interactions with other apps that weren’t owned by Facebook. Oh yes, this also applies to Instagram which is owned by Facebook.

Now you likely agreed to all of this data collection when you signed up to Facebook as that was likely in the terms of service that you likely didn’t read. But it doesn’t make it any less creepy. In my mind it means that you need to #DeleteFacebook as this company has really shown that it’s not above doing things that at the very least are unethical.


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