Mozilla Releases Firefox Addon That Isolates Facebook From The Rest Of Firefox

Now this is something that a significant number of those who still use Facebook for whatever reason will use. A Firefox add-on that isolates the Facebook website and all its domains to a separate “container” has been released by Mozilla today. The add-on is named Facebook Container and it is meant to address Facebook’s more “sinister” data collection habits.

When you first use Facebook Container, it will zap any existing Facebook cookies and prompt you to log back into their Facebook. The add-on will then create a separate database that will keep all Facebook-related data, such as cookies, cache data, and more. If you go anywhere else other than Facebook, the normal Firefox database will be used. Thus Facebook has no clue what you’re doing.

This is a brilliant idea and hope that those behind Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari as well as other browsers are paying attention as this make Mozilla look like heroes at a time when we could use a hero to protect the world from the evils of Facebook.

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