#PSA: If You Want To Ensure Your Mac Is Secure, Download KnockKnock Today

I came across something recently that will help Mac users ensure that nothing bad is running on their computers. While you can run anti-virus software, it doesn’t guarantee that something has snuck onto your Mac. That’s where a piece of software called KnockKnock comes in handy.

KnockKnock is Mac security software from Patrick Wardle. He’s a security researcher who’s well known for looking at the emerging threats on the macOS platform as well as mobile platforms such as iOS. That makes him very qualified to come up with KnockKnock which focuses on “persistently installed software” and accesses the VirusTotal database to help identify malware.

Using it is dead easy. A simple Scan button checks kernel extensions, login items and startup scripts, launch items, browser extensions, Spotlight importers, authorization plug-ins, cron jobs and periodic scripts, library inserts and proxies, login/logout hooks, extensions and widgets. You can click on an item for more info, including signing data, VirusTotal info and a link to show the file in the Finder. That way you can find out what the item is and delete it if required.

Best of all, it’s donation ware. And I’d suggest making a donation as I tried it this morning and used it to find a couple of things that caught my attention. Not because they were evil, but because they were items from programs I thought I had properly uninstalled. KnockKnock is totally worth downloading if you want to ensure your Mac is as secure as possible.


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