My Fitness Pal Pwned…. 150 Million Accounts In The Wild

Under Armor has a slogan which is “Protect This House.” Well, they did a craptastic job of that as they’ve told the world that My Fitness Pal which is an online fitness and nutrition website/app that they own has been pwned by hackers to the tune of 150 million accounts which may include usernames, email addresses, and hashed passwords. And it happened in February though they only found out about it last week. Payment info wasn’t swiped. Users of the fitness site/app should change their passwords immediately. Also they should ensure whatever password that used here isn’t used elsewhere. If it is, those need to be changed as well.

Now the company is working with law enforcement on this, but this is not trivial and it underscores the need for government to smack companies who get pwned silly so that they take whatever measures are required to ensure that pwnage doesn’t happen.

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