Zuckerberg & Sandberg Need To Be Deleted By Facebook If Facebook Is To Move Past The #DeleteFacebook Scandal

With 24 hours to go before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes a trip to Capitol Hill where he is sure to get smacked silly by politicians who are out for blood over the Facebook data breach scandal, one wonders if Zuckerberg is the man to lead Facebook past this crisis. I for one say no, he need to go.

By resigning, he would show to the world that Facebook is willing to change fundamentally via a new person at the top. One who doesn’t see people who hand over their data to Facebook as “dumb f—-.” One who will confront this crisis head with everyone and anyone as opposed to hiding for days before coming out with a lame statement and a barely passable TV interview. Not to mention that he rebuffed an invite from the UK to explain this gong show while accepting an invite from the US Congress. Clearly this guy doesn’t have the smarts and the emotional intelligence to guide a company through a crisis like this.

I could go on, but based on that sample size along, it’s clear that Zuckerberg is not the man to lead Facebook. Thus he must go and new leadership needs to lead them out this crisis. While they’re at it, Sheryl Sandberg who is the COO of Facebook needs to go as well as she’s failed miserably to be the adult in the room and should have pushed Zuckerberg to confront this crisis sooner. But instead it looks like she hid in the Furherbunker with him during the early days of the crisis. Not exactly the best showing from someone who as a very successful VP at Google. And what was she VP of? She ran Google’s advertising and grew that business substantially. Thus her fingerprints are likely all over Facebook’s business model that has them in trouble today. Which means she can’t be there if they are to turn this around.

Make no mistake, Facebook is in deep trouble. The only way they have a chance to move past this is if there’s fundamental change at the top. Because to quote ex-White House Communcations Director Anthony Scaramucci “the fish stinks from the head down.” And Facebook really stinks right now. Thus they need to take action that doesn’t include having Zuckerberg and Sandberg remain at the company if they want to stop the #DeleteFacebook scandal.




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