Reformulary Group introduces Alexa for DrugFinder

Today Reformulary Group, a healthcare technology group, has launched a first of its kind Alexa voice skill called DrugFinder. The skill makes it easy and free for all Canadians to research their prescriptions and see if they can save money by selecting a preferred drug alternative that provide the best combination of clinical and cost-effectiveness by using voice technology to access independent expert research on prescription drugs.

First of its kind in Canada

Reformulary Group trained Alexa to enhance the DrugFinder user experience. By simply speaking the name of the drug into an Alexa-enabled device like the Amazon Echo, Alexa will respond to the patient with information on what the drug treats, whether it is a preferred drug (combination of how well it works and how much it costs) and what the alternatives are. Alexa can email consumers a personalized Note for your Doctor or Pharmacist, which can help them have a conversation about their drug choices with their pharmacist or physician.

Most Canadians don’t know they have options when it comes to their prescriptions. News coverage tends to focus on the increase in drug spending, a related rise in chronic conditions and the flood of expensive new specialty drugs on the market, but few solutions exist to give individuals the power to be active participants in their drug choices. Especially for the 12 per cent of Canadians who either don’t have coverage or can’t afford their medication, cost-effective alternatives have a real impact on a patient’s bank account.

How it works

Step 1: Download the DrugFinder app and create an account.
Step 2: Download the Alexa app and create an account.
Step 3: Enable the DrugFinder skill on an Alexa-enabled device.
Step 4: To your Echo device, say, “Alexa, open DrugFinder.”

Users can ask questions such as:

  • “Are there better options for Drug X?”
  • “What is the generic of Drug X?”
  • “What does Drug X treat?”

DrugFinder is an online tool that searches the Reformulary®, a list of drugs reviewed and handpicked by clinical experts. Users can search by drug name or medical condition, find out how much of the cost is reimbursed, and look up if there is an alternative drug that works just as well. Users can also keep track of their medications in DrugFinder’s virtual Medicine Cabinet and sign up for alerts about alternative drugs and new drugs on the market, as well as other health-related information. The new Touch ID feature makes it easier and secure to log into your Medicine Cabinet.

Here’s a Video on DrugFinder:

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