US & UK Says Russia Scanning Millions Of Routers To Pwn Them For Use In Future Attacks

In a joint announcement on Monday that is unprecedented as far as I am concerned, the US Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the UK’s National Cyber Security Center, officials warned that Russian spies have been looking for vulnerabilities on millions of routers as a tool for future attacks. The targets include routers in homes and offices, as well as firewalls and switches from internet service providers, critical infrastructure and major private companies.

As part of this announcement, all the parties involved urge device manufacturers to either beef up the security on the network gear that they sell, or stop supporting outdated equipment to force the purchase of newer gear that is more secure. They also urge people to update their routers to the latest security fixes to avoid pwnage by Russians.

This seems like the cold war all over again. This time it’s in cyberspace.


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