#Fail: In An Effort To Block Telegram, Russia Takes Down Other Services As Well…. But Not Telegram

This isn’t going to look good for Vladimir Putin and his friends. I say that because the Russian government in its quest to block Telegram, accidentally shut down several other services as well. But ironically, they haven’t really stopped access to Telegram:

Russian authorities are freezing up vast swathes of the country’s online world in what critics call a heavy-handed — and so far unsuccessful — attempt to block a popular messaging app, Telegram.

The head of the communications watchdog acknowledged Wednesday that millions of IP addresses unrelated to Telegram have been blocked since a court ordered last week that the app be taken offline.

The move created trouble for millions of companies and consumers, and was described by some as “carpet bombing” the internet to get after one small company. Telegram was still available in Russia despite authorities’ frantic attempts to hit it by blocking other services, but many users are preparing for the worst, setting up proxies to circumvent the ban.

Clearly that was a #Fail. It’s also clear that Telegram is far more resilient than Russia expected. Thus there may be a lot more collateral damage inflicted as the Russians try to take Telegram down. And they’re likely not to give up as by doing so, they’ll be embarrassed. Thus expect this game to continue.

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