Report: Huawei To Pull The Plug On The US Market

Huawei is reportedly going to give up on selling its products and services in the United States due to Washington’s accusations that the company has ties to the Chinese government:

Huawei’s tactics are changing as its business prospects in the United States have darkened considerably. On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission voted to proceed with a new rule that could effectively kill off what little business the company has in the United States. Although the proposed rule does not mention Huawei by name, it would block federally subsidized telecommunications carriers from using suppliers deemed to pose a risk to American national security. Huawei’s latest moves suggest that it has accepted that its political battles in the United States are not ones it is likely to win. “Some things cannot change their course according to our wishes,” Eric Xu, Huawei’s deputy chairman, said at the company’s annual meeting with analysts on Tuesday. “With some things, when you let them go, you actually feel more at ease.”

That’s an enlightened view of things. I guess they’re going to go off, lick their wounds and wait for Donald Trump to be out of office to try entering the US again. One wonders if ZTE who is also in the crosshairs of a lot of people will do the same?

One Response to “Report: Huawei To Pull The Plug On The US Market”

  1. […] are really starting to look bleak for Chinese telcom companies. After the news came out that Huawei is pulling out of the US market, comes this report from Reuters that ZTE could lose access to the Android OS because of it […]

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