Facebook Feature That Allows You To Log Into Other Sites Is Pwnable By The Bad Guys…. That May Make You #DeleteFacebook

Here’s the latest negative thing to hit Facebook. Steven Englehardt in partnership with Gunes Acar and Arvind Narayanan have found that a Facebook users’ data, including names, email addresses, age range, gender, location and profile picture, could be acquired up by third-party JavaScript trackers on websites making use of the ‘Login with Facebook’ feature. The researchers couldn’t say for sure what the third-party trackers were doing with the data though. But the fact that this is possible at all is problematic given the events of the past few weeks with the data leakage scandal.

The researchers noted that Facebook was not to blame for this situation, nor was it a security hole, but it does highlight some privacy problems. Thus it would be nice if Facebook did say something about it. But having said that, there is a list of sites which have a third-party script which includes functionality to access Facebook data. That way you can steer clear of them.

Or you can use this as another reason to #DeleteFacebook.


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