Google Launches New Messaging Service WITHOUT End To End Encryption….. Why?

Google has either made an epic blunder here or they really don’t care about the privacy of their users. I say that because Google’s new “Chat” messaging service that The Verge uncovered last week is trying to do for Android what iMessage (or Messages as it is now know as) does for iPhone users. Which is rethink how people text message each other.

But there’s a catch:

But remember, Chat is a carrier-based service, not a Google service. It’s just “Chat,” not “Google Chat.” In a sign of its strategic importance to Google, the company has spearheaded development on the new standard, so that every carrier’s Chat services will be interoperable. But, like SMS, Chat won’t be end-to-end encrypted, and it will follow the same legal intercept standards. In other words: it won’t be as secure as iMessage or Signal.

Well, that’s a #fail.

Google wants to rethink how people text message with each other. But they’re not going to secure those messages and they think that’s cool. If I am an intelligence agency or a cyber criminal, Google just made my life a whole lot easier. But if I am an Android user, I think I’d switch to WhatsApp or Signal as they secure messages from end to end. Or if I was really ticked off at Google, I’d switch to iOS as clearly they care about their users privacy. The fact is that we live in a world where privacy needs to be top of mind. Google clearly doesn’t get that. Hopefully they get a swift kick in the posterior the feedback that they need to adjust their thinking accordingly.


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