Review: 2018 Hyundai Accent GLS Sedan – Part 3

The interior of the Hyundai Accent GLS sedan is very functional, but it has a upscale feel to it. Let me illustrate how by walking through the interior:


The doors have pockets for bottles as well as a cloth insert. The rest is a hard plastic.


You get power windows, door locks, and side mirrors.


The door handle looks like it’s chrome, but it’s good looking plastic that adds a level of class.


The footwell is roomy with a very welcome dead pedal. Just to the left is the latch to pop the hood.


The drivers seat is cloth, heated, and six way manually adjustable. The passenger gets  a four way adjustable seat that is heated. It was comfortable though I did wish for a bit more length for my mutant thighs. Once I set my driving position, I had plenty of headroom and legroom and visibility is good as well from the drivers seat. The cloth feels nice and is grippy as well.


The steering wheel in the Accent GLS sedan is leather wrapped and has all the controls that you need to control your phone, music, and cruise control. It is heated as well.


The gauges are easy to read and there’s a LCD screen in the middle the displays additional info about your drive.


You get a 7″ screen for the infotainment system and it is readable in any lighting condition. There’s also buttons for direct access to the functions of the infotainment system. Below that is the controls for the automatic HVAC system along with the controls for the heated seats and steering wheel. There’s also the drive mode switch as well and to the left is the engine start/stop button.


You get 12V outlet along with a USB port and an aux audio port. There’s a cubby for your phone or anything else that you need space for.


There’s a pair of cupholders between the seats….


…. That fits a Starbucks Venti sized coffee with ease.


There’s  decent sized glove box on board…..


……Along with a compartment for your sunglasses.


There’s a decent sized sunroof that’s powered too.


The back seat is capable of seating three kids or two adults. I acted as designated driver for my friends during our bar night and after repositioning my seat for additional leg room for the person behind me, and getting the biggest person who was 6′ 2″ in the front seat, I was able to get two people back here.


There’s a 12V outlet in the back.


The trunk is surprisingly deep as proven by this shopping trip….


…..Two bins of groceries along with some beer fit in here easily with space left over.

The only thing that could be considered a gripe is that the interior is a sea of hard plastic in an age where soft touch materials are a “thing” when it comes to car interiors. The flip side to that is that isn’t unusual in this class. Having said that, the interior is well put together and no issues were observed during my week with it, and it looks really good and coherent. Even bordering on upscale. The bottom line is that in the case of the Accent GLS, this is a better interior that is above what you should expect in this class of car. And that is a very good thing.

Tomorrow I will take a look at the technology in the Accent GLS sedan. Stay tuned!


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