Another Option For Rogers Yahoo/Oath Email Users – Nili

I was sitting in my car dealership waiting for my car to be repaired when I got this tweet:

In short, I did. But Nili didn’t come up as an option for Rogers customers using the Yahoo/Oath email platform, and who are not thrilled about their terms of service change which allows Yahoo/Oath to read their e-mail. In fact Nili didn’t come up at all. I had zero clue that they even existed so they’re clearly flying under the radar. Maybe they need to promote themselves more? Or I need to look harder. But in any case, they promise Canadian hosted, private (as in they say that they don’t show targeted ads or sell data to third parties) e-mail. They appear to have both free and paid options and the free option looks interesting as they seem to try to enforce no spamming, only one e-mail account per person for the first million users, and no throwaway accounts. That’s a bit different. They also support a number of OS platforms, and support the common standards of POP and IMAP.

Now they’re not as ultra secure as ProtonMail. But for many people, that may not be a concern. Although in the age of #DeleteFacebook, the security of your information should always be top of mind. Now I don’t have direct experience with Nili, thus I cannot comment on how good they are. But if you have had direct experience with Nili, please leave a comment and let us know what you think of them as they sound like a viable option for disaffected Rogers e-mail users.



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