NHS In The UK To Shell Out Cash To Avoid Being Pwned Again

If you recall, the National Health Service or NHS in the UK was pwned to a massive degree by the Wannacry ransomware. It was later discovered that they could have avoided this rather easily. Today the NHS has made an announcement that they will  spend £150m more over the next three years to do the following:

  • A £21m upgrade to upgrade firewalls network infrastructure at major trauma centre hospitals and ambulance trusts

  • £39m to address infrastructure weaknesses

  • A new text messaging alert system to ensure trusts have access to accurate information.

  • Upgrading to Windows 10 which was announced by Microsoft UK.

So it seems that the NHS is really serious about this as the Wannacry ransomware really disrupted its services when they got pwned. But to be fair, they weren’t alone on that front. Hopefully other organizations who got pwned by this ransomware last year take note and use this as a template to improve their IT defenses.



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