Amazon To Signal: Don’t Use Us To Solve Your Censorship Problems

Secure messaging Signal clearly doesn’t want to be in the same boat as Telegram which is currently banned in Iran and Russia. They they apparently have been been using servers on Amazon Web Services to disguise their traffic. That’s called “domain fronting” because what they’re doing is making it look like that their traffic is coming from Amazon Web Services under the logic that a country can’t stop every IP address that Amazon owns. And if a country did try, it would be a game of whack a mole. Not to mention that they would anger a lot of people in the process because there would be a lot of collateral damage in the process of trying to block whatever it is that annoys the county in question.

But it turns out that the company that is currently angry is Amazon who has told Signal to cut it out. Now Signal thinks they’re being screwed and are looking for alternatives to AWS, but you have to wonder if there is one. I personally don’t see it. But maybe Signal knows something that I don’t.

This is one situation that will be interesting to watch in the near term. Get your popcorn ready.



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