All-in-one Privacy App Offers Realistic Alternative To Cloud Computing

London based company, NOS Microsystems has announced innovative new features to its all-in-one privacy app, get2Clouds that lets users encrypt the data on their network attached storage (NAS) and use it to transfer via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). This offers small businesses and individuals a secure and realistic alternative to cloud computing.

get2Clouds is a cost free and ad free secure cloud sync, file transfer, and messenger bubble where every action is encrypted. It is a multi-platform and user-friendly app that works across all devices, and it is packed with a host of unique features. There is no registration required, and the E2E encrypted messenger offers users the choice of a 555 number so privacy and anonymity are guaranteed. This means the messenger can also be used on SIM-less devices.

NOS Microsystems has promised to continue to add new features to the cyber security app as needs are identified. The company aims to offer a secure solution to industries that deal with sensitive files and depend upon confidentiality such as the law, journalism, and healthcare industries. The healthcare industry is the most cyber hacked, but most of these hacks would not have been possible if get2Clouds had been used.

Users can send files via their NAS, the get2Clouds secure cloud, or sync to their current cloud as it works with all major cloud providers. To sync and send via the NAS, choose the SFTP (NAS) option from the dropdown menu in Cloud Settings and complete the relevant fields. A group transfer option has also been added so that files can be sent to multiple contacts at once.

get2Clouds in a nutshell

  • No registration necessary
  • Automatic international 555 number for devices with no SIM or to protect anonymity
  • Communicate, cloud sync and transfer large files in one encrypted bubble
  • Fast, secure file transfers of unlimited size and of all kinds on the go
  • Compatible with major cloud providers
  • Encrypt your local server
  • Use NAS as secure cloud sync
  • Transfer either via the integrated encrypted messenger or email
  • Set personalized password for highly sensitive files
  • Verify contacts’ identity with FaceCheck®
  • Set the time you want your files to be sent (great for time differences)
  • Optional self-destructing messages
  • Separate corporate and private cloud profiles
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop function
  • Mobile and desktop application, use across multiple devices
  • Small size application so doesn’t hinder device performance



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