Bluesound Adds Design Flare & Functionality with FLEX SKINS

Bluesound has announced the availability of the FLEX SKIN for their affordable PULSE FLEX speaker. Available in four colours (White, Black. Deep Blue and Charcoal) the FLEX SKIN is made of durable, water-resistant silicone rubber and is easy to install, remove or clean. Precise engraved controls are designed into the surface allowing complete control and functionality. Bluesound’s FLEX SKIN is shipping in May with a U.S. MSRP of $29 each.

The FLEX SKIN is made of durable silicone rubber so it protects the speaker’s surfaces from the elements. Though not waterproof, it does add an extra layer of protection to the surfaces to guard against scratches and grime. The SKIN is easy to clean with a damp cloth and is even dishwasher safe. The SKIN is easy to install with no tools and easy to remove as well.

The SKIN is available in four popular colours (White, Black, Deep Blue, Charcoal) chosen to match a wide range of decorating scenarios. Users can mix or match colours to suit the room, their individual taste or the season. SKINs can be easily changed as desired.

For ease of use, precise controls are etched into the SKIN’s surface that match the touch-button controls on the PULSE FLEX itself while the back panel is left available for connections and functionality.


Key Features of the FLEX SKIN for PULSE FLEX:

  • Four different colours – Black, White, Deep Blue and Charcoal
  • Colours complement wide range home decorating scenarios
  • Engraved Controls – match perfectly with touch-button controls yet leave back panel available for connections and functionality
  • Durable – tough silicone rubber is water resistant and provides basic level of protection for PULSE FLEX from the elements
  • Easy to install, remove or clean. Dishwasher safe

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