Employees Are Productive Only 20% of the Time: Tipi

Harvard research shows that in most companies, people spend around 80% of their time in meetings, on the phone or responding to emails, leaving little time for productive work. Older research has even calculated that poor internal communication cost businesses $26,041 per employee per year in lost efficiency.

However, 2018 might be the year of transformation in how company employees communicate internally with the rise of communication platforms that help cut down the time wasted in unnecessary information exchanges.

The Tipi app is one of the newest platforms meant to address various issues resulting from stalling operational communication. It can replace a number of  tools that people randomly use to write down and share valuable content, such as file repositories, email, group email, intranet, internal wikis, and real time chat.


Here’s how Tipi can help exchange, collect and organise information and manage some of the hurdles of business growth:

  1. Sharing team knowledge through structured notes. Once a company grows, information starts getting cluttered or lost. Ineffective operational information exchange leads to an increased number of emails, meetings and chat messages, slowing down the whole company. Tipi’s platform helps to structure and share information by organizing notes in folders by relevant work topic. It also turns daily communication into a searchable knowledge base.
  1. Transparency. Forming a habit to share information in a transparent way can have many self-regulating benefits. If staff knows that the information they share on a platform can be seen by anyone at any time, they will have stronger accountability about their commitments and deadlines.


  1. Rewards and feedback. Employees need to be recognized for their hard work and celebrate their achievements together. Ideas are rewarded on Tipi with other employees adding instant reactions to contributions as easily and intuitively as on social media platforms. According to a recent report, 44% of all employees will organically give each other recognition on a consistent basis when there’s an opportunity.


  1. 4. Onboarding and retention. Tipi can help with disseminating the information throughout the company including the information about the company culture. This could be particularly helpful with onboarding new employees, who would be greeted to a team with a Tipi note about the company. Over 80% organisations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges and that becomes more relevant as companies grow in size.


  1. Remote team engagement and communication. International expansion, integration of freelance staff or introduction of an option of remote work is a standard practice in business which is expected to grow. Tipi can save hours on sending emails back and forth, instead organizing the communication by topic, with team members accessing information and collaborating from anywhere in the world.


Companies that embrace communications platforms that fit their business purpose sooner, will most likely perform with better efficiency than those who don’t. In the age when automation takes over many parts of the workflow, the leaders are the ones who are the quickest to catch upon innovation and focus on increasing performance and motivation.


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