Retarus Featured in New Healthcare Secure Document Delivery Report

​Retarus, global cloud messaging provider, today announced a new whitepaper on Healthcare and Secure Document Delivery with an emphasis on the future of fax. Mark Malone, cloud-based fax industry expert and the author of the healthcare whitepaper, outlines how the evolvement of strict data privacy regulations and mandatory compliances have elevated the role of cloud applications, making it imminent for many industries, especially healthcare.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations have mandated hospitals and other healthcare providers to reevaluate their existing models of data transmission. Ease of access to information online or mismanagement of private documentation transmitted over a fax machine makes it a challenge for the healthcare providers to safeguard highly sensitive patient data. In his whitepaper, Mark Malone outlines the importance of vetting cloud providers to ensure a rock solid HIPAA compliant solution, not only for data security but for avoiding hefty fines and penalties.

Providing a brief overview of what the HIPAA security rule stands for, the whitepaper demonstrates Retarus’ ability to adhere to the fundamental directives of the Security Rule. Once connected to Retarus’ Global Delivery Network, companies benefit from the maximum reliability and scalability, and the highest level of security. In his words, Mark Malone finds “Retarus cloud network to safely transmit and receive critical PHI faxes; which means Retarus can meet or exceed the guidelines.”

Download this whitepaper to discover how healthcare providers can fulfill their compliance objectives and safeguard sensitive patient healthcare information with Retarus.


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