YouTuber Mini Ladd Livestreaming 24hrs This Weekend To End World Water Crisis

This weekend, popular YouTuber, Craig ‘Mini Ladd’ Thompson will be live-streaming for 24 hours to raise money for Thirst Project – The world’s largest youth water organization. With a big heart and passion for giving back, Mini Ladd has made it a point to include his followers in campaigns to help various organizations – and the goal this weekend is to raise at least $48,000 which is enough money to build 4 wells in Swaziland to provide clean water there to those who do not have it!

Mini Ladd will be going live for 12 hours on Saturday 5/12 and 12 hours on Sunday 5/13 – and will have fun with his fans with giveaways and challenges and they celebrate milestones along the way.

With over  4.6 million subscribers and 2.8 million social followers, Mini Ladd has landed himself in the Top 3 most popular YouTubers in Ireland, and #1 in Northern Ireland. Often collaborating with his friends and creating lifestyle videos, Mini Ladd’s rapid success has boosted attention for his channel worldwide. As he surpasses 1 billion views on his YouTube channel, Mini Ladd consistently keeps his content fresh for viewers of all ages.

Link to stream:

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