Zuckerberg To British MPs: Screw You, I Ain’t Talking To You

Okay. Maybe he didn’t say that. But he might as well have given that he’s once again rebuffed British MP’s attempts to get him to testify about the data leakage scandal in Parliament. This comes via a letter (Warning: PDF) from Facebook to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee. Considering that he and his minions are not fully answering questions that the MP’s are putting to them, it sets up a bit of a Mexican standoff. MP’s can’t bring him in from the US to testify. And he can avoid having to testify if he never goes to the UK. Thus it isn’t clear what the next steps are. But I will say that the optics of this suck for Zuck as it looks like he has something to hide and he thinks he’s above the law. After all, a reasonable person or company would want to clear the air when it comes to a matter of this importance. Thus why doesn’t he want to clear the air?


One Response to “Zuckerberg To British MPs: Screw You, I Ain’t Talking To You”

  1. […] Apparently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg does want to speak to foreign politicians about the data leakage scandal. According to EU President Antonio Tajani, Zuck has accepted an invite to go to Brussels Belgium to meet with the EU Parliment. Which is interesting because he blew off a similar invite from UK politicians only yesterday: […]

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