VPNFilter: The Pwnage Is Worse Than Previously Thought

I have some bad news for you.

The VPNFilter malware that infected over 500,000 routers and NAS devices across a number of countries is much worse than previously thought. According to new research by the Cisco Talos security team, the malware which was initially thought to be able to infect devices from Linksys, MikroTik, Netgear, TP-Link, and QNAP can also infect routers made by ASUS, D-Link, Huawei, Ubiquiti, UPVEL, and ZTE. I would take a look at the list that Cisco Talos has come up with and see if your networking hardware is on the list.

Now if it is on that list, the plan of action that you should take to protect yourself is to update to the absolute latest firmware for your device. But you should also factory reset your router, turn off remote administration, and make sure you have it using a strong non-default password.

One other thing, you should consider the list above to be incomplete. It is highly likely that many other devices are affected by VPNFilter. Thus out of an abundance of caution, you may want to perform those steps on your router even if it isn’t on that list. I know I did.



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