A Fix For The Desktop Unavailable Issue Caused By The Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Since the release of the Windows 10 April 2018 update, users have faced a pretty serious bug where you get this error message about the desktop being unavailable:


This error message pops up right after installing the Windows 10 April 2018 update. As I type this, there doesn’t seem to be a fix from Microsoft. But six of my clients have been hit by this, and it’s been documented by yours truly as well as places like Microsoft’s own discussion boards, and Reddit. So it’s a pretty widespread issue. In each of the cases that I’ve had to deal with this, this is how I have fixed it:

  1. On a different PC, go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  2. Download the «installation media tool».
  3. Put it on a USB flash drive (8gb or more).

Now you need to go over to the affected Windows 10 computer. Boot it and you’ll get the error that you described. Don’t click «ok». Just leave it, press ctrl alt delete and open task manager. Then do the following:

  1. Insert the flash drive in the affected computer.
  2. In task manager, click «file» -> «run» -> «browse». Locate the USB flash drive and run «setup».
  3. Let it run. It may take 90 minutes.

The net result is that you should have a working computer with all your data and apps installed.

As for what my clients think of this issue, here’s what one of my clients said:

As you can imagine, it’s infuriating because this is entirely because of Microsoft, not some 3rd party program or virus that messed up my computer. There should be a class action lawsuit against Microsoft, not that it would ever get anywhere.

While there has been some assertions that this is caused by AVG and Avast antivirus, I’ve had clients who haven’t had either antivirus application. Thus Microsoft has a serious problem and they really need to step up and fix this. Because this is clearly affecting lots of people, and that should not happen. Ever.


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