Survey Says Half Of Windows 10 Users Had Issues With Windows 10

Which? conducted a survey of more than 1,100 people which looked at issues that users have had with Windows 10. And the results are not good if you’re Microsoft. Specifically:

  • 21% of complaints had to do with issues with software compatibility
  • 16% of complaints had to do with hardware/peripheral problems
  • 7% of complaints had to do with email not syncing
  • 6% had to do with the removal of non-Microsoft software
  • 5% had to do with the PC slowing down
  • 10% was classified as “other”

Now the PC world has a ton of hardware and software in it. Which means you can easily get a mix that causes havoc that users cannot solve themselves. Thus 46% of those who responded had to pay someone to fix those issue for them. Largely because Microsoft’s own tech support isn’t up to standard according to Which?

Clearly Microsoft has an issue as we’re three years into Windows 10 which the company calls the “last version of Windows” that they will be kicking out into the world and people are not happy. Which? says that Microsoft really needs to step up their game here and I agree. I stay employed because of the items mentioned above. And frankly, I shouldn’t be. Microsoft should have an OS where having to reach out to someone like me is the exception and not the rule. But that’s clearly not the case and I don’t seriously expect that to change from Microsoft which is a shame.




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