Microsoft Fixed A Cortana Vulnerability That Allowed One To Bypass A Windows 10 Lock Screen

If you’re a Windows 10 user, and if you installed all the updates that showed up on yesterday’s Patch Tuesday dump, you’ve just fixed a really serious security issue with your Windows 10 computer. Specifically there was a vulnerability where Window 10’s ever helpful virtual assistant Cortana could help an attack bypass the computer’s lock screen and change the password. Now if you guessed that Cortana was always listening for commands to act on even if the computer is locked, you’d be right.

Now I know that when I try to use certain commands with Siri when my iPhone is locked, Siri will demand that I unlock my iPhone. Plus I can disable “Hey Siri” commands  at the lock screen entirely as that has been an issue in the past. Thus maybe Microsoft should look at doing the same. Otherwise, they’ll continue to have a never ending stream of lock screen security issues like Apple has had.

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