VPN Special Notes That A New China VPN Crackdown Is Under Way

VPN Special has recently observed intensified restrictions on VPN accessibility in China.

There is no official explanation for the new crackdown, but they suspect that the increased censorship may be due to Communist Party’s approaching anniversary. China is known for increasing censorship during important commemorations and celebrations.

As a result, they have observed a 200% spike in the number of VPN users from China in the past few days. For now it seems that only very few VPN services are able to operate in China.

“China is now censoring mentions of HBO comedian John Oliver on social media and restricting access to the HBO website. Last week Oliver ran a 20-minute segment mocking Chinese president Xi Jinping. We have noticed that VPN crackdown began after Oliver’s show,” said Laura Black, Communications Director at VPN Special. “So we are not sure what it is related to: the Communist Party’s anniversary, John Oliver or anything at all. The fact remains that most VPNs are now not working in China. However, we have news that some are still operational, such as NordVPN or VyprVPN.”

China’s “Great Firewall” has currently blocked at least 165 of the world’s 1,000 most popular websites, such as Reuters, the New York Times, Bloomberg and South China Morning Post. It has also censored 26,000 Google search terms, 880 Wikipedia pages, and popular services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

China has been called “the worst abuser of internet freedom” by FreedomHouse, a US-based NGO focused on promoting free speech and democracy.

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