#PSA: All-Radio 4.27 Portable Is Malware That You Really Want To Steer Clear Of

I often get called in to do malware removal. Sometimes, I am able to remove the malware in question. Sometimes, I can’t. Based on what I am reading here, All-Radio 4.27 Portable is going to be one of those ones that I can’t remove. At least not easily. Here’s why:

If your computer is suddenly displaying the above program, then your computer is infected with malware that installs rootkits, miners, information-stealing Trojans, and a program that is using your computer to send send out spam.

Unfortunately, while some security programs are able to remove parts of the infection, the rootkit component needs manual removal help at this time. Due to this and the amount of malware installed, if you are infected I suggest that you reinstall Windows from scratch if possible.

That’s not good to say the least. Thus you need to protect yourself from being a victim. Fortunately, that seems to be easy as it appears that this malware shows up on your computer if you install game cracks and Windows activation tools. Thus you should avoid those as this is a textbook example of what happens to you if you don’t. Beyond that, you should have an up to date antivirus installed. Not to mention having a backup strategy in case the worst happens.

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