Facebook Acknowledges It Shared User Data With Dozens of Companies… And You Should #DeleteFacebook As A Result

It now seems that #DeleteFacebook might be on the verge of getting a second wind as Facebook has admitted to sharing information with dozens of companies:

Facebook has admitted providing dozens of tech companies with special access to user data after publicly saying it restricted such access in 2015. Facebook continued sharing information with 61 hardware and software makers after it said it discontinued the practice in May 2015, the social networking giant acknowledged in 747 pages of documents delivered to Congress late Friday. The documents were in response to hundreds of questions posed to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg by members of Congress in April.

Facebook said it granted a special “one-time” six-month extension to companies that ranged from AOL to package-delivery service United Parcel Service to dating app Hinge so they could come into compliance with the social network’s new privacy policy and create their own versions of Facebook for their devices. Data shared without users’ knowledge included friends’ names, genders and birth dates. Facebook’s documents also said it had discovered that five other companies “theoretically could have accessed limited friends’ data” as a result of a beta test. Facebook said in the documents it has ended 38 of the partnerships and plans to discontinue seven more by the end of July.

At this point it’s pretty clear that Facebook cannot be trusted. Anyone who is on their platform is going to have their data harvested. Why? It’s simple. When you sign up for a free service, you are the product and so is any data you generate. That service will find ways to sell your information as a commodity in order to stay in business. In fact you could argue this was Facebook’s plan all along was to create a site to collect personal data and then sell it as a service to companies who want it. If you want to protect your privacy, there’s only one answer: #DeleteFacebook


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