#Fail: Google Allows Third-Party Gmail App Developers To Read Your Email

I have some bad news for you if you have a Gmail account. Third party app developers that make apps for Gmail may be reading your email. Though users have to give consent to have their emails read, the wording is such that it’s not clear that they mean humans, as opposed to computers doing the reading. And that’s just a wee bit creepy. The most notable companies doing this are Return Path and Edison who have both admitted that they are using humans to extract data with which to train machine learning tools, and yes, that includes your Gmails.

That’s just a wee bit creepy.

To put a stop to this, you can and should withdraw permissions for any third party app that interacts with Gmail from your Google Account Settings. Though I will note that you may have to do some Googling to figure out which those are. That will limit the damage. But beyond that, one has to wonder why Google would even allow this behaviour given the nightmare that Facebook has been enduring this year over their privacy issues.



One Response to “#Fail: Google Allows Third-Party Gmail App Developers To Read Your Email”

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