ZTE Is Back In Business In The US

The title says it all pretty much. All the Chinese Telco had to do is fork over $400 million in escrow, do a bunch of other things to make the US happy and boom! Business is on again. At least that’s the key point in a statement that the Commerce Department in the US says. But the question is will they stay in business. After all the company was thumbing its nose at sanctions aimed at North Korea and Iran. Plus their gear was thought to have backdoors in them. Which in turn led to the suggestion that nobody use their gear. Thus I have to wonder if  we’ll be back talking about this in six months time or less?


One Response to “ZTE Is Back In Business In The US”

  1. […] It’s official. ZTE is back in business thanks to the U.S. Senate deciding not to do anything to stop the Chinese telcom who has been accused of spying from rebooting itself after it’s recent near death experience: […]

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