Review: Asus 5Q

Asus seems to have a great smartphone on their hands with the Asus 5Q smartphone. Why? Let’s start with the looks and the feel of the phone. It looks and feels great and it feels like a very quality device. It has a reflective glass back that’s so nice and shiny, but is a fingerprint magnet. Though I do wonder if it will survive a drop. For the record I didn’t test that. The back has two cameras as well as the fingerprint sensor (it also has a face unlock feature if you choose to use that as well). The power switch is on the right with the volume control rocker switch. The bottom has a Micro USB connector. The top has a headphone jack. The left has a triple-card slot which means you have space for all your SIM cards and a microSD card. The screen is a stunning 6-inch FHD screen is a tall 18:9 display that I found that I could see in most lighting conditions.

In terms of what it comes with under the hood, it runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat which is kind of weird seeing as the world has moved on to Android Oreo. The 5Q is powered by a Snapdragon 630 processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. This means the phone is pretty capable and you will not complain about speed. You also get Bluetooth 4.2, 802.11ac WiFi and a NFC chip. But the real story is the camera. Or rather all four of them. There’s a 20MP dual front camera and a 16MP dual real camera. That allows you to take some really wide photos. Let me give you an example This is the normal camera:


This is the wide angle camera from the same spot. P_20180718_060515

I was pretty impressed by that. I also took some pictures of planes landing at Pearson Airport in Toronto. Here’s the result of that:



The camera has an auto mode that works really well. But for the control freaks out there, it has a pro mode that gives you total control over the camera. One thing that I noted was the autofocus was insanely quick. You could see it do its thing, but you cannot get it to make a mistake. That was impressive.

Next up was the video capabilities. It is capable of 4K video, but I limited myself to 1080P to take this video:

The quality of this video from any perspective is great. It’s stable and sharp.

Finally it has 3300mAh battery can last me a whole day’s use, though the phone doesn’t support fast charging. It takes around two hours to charge from zero to 100 percent which is more than acceptable.

So, what do you have to fork over to get all of this? I can find it on Amazon $420 CDN which is a great price for what you get. If you want an Android phone that will help to keep your selfie and Instagram game strong, the Asus 5Q is worth a look as the camera is the high point of this phone, and the rest of the package is pretty impressive too.

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