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Asustor Devices Hit By The Same Ransomware That Hit QNAP Devices

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For the last month or so I’ve been writing about QNAP devices being hit by various ransomware strains. Most recently, I said this when news filtered out that QNAP was extending support to end of life devices to fight these sorts of attacks:

The company admits that this is a “special effort to help users protect their devices from today’s security threats”. Which is likely true. But it also is likely an attempt to keep people like yours truly from dumping their QNAP NAS devices and moving to competing brands such as Synology as I don’t hear about such widespread pwnage with those devices, or other devices that QNAP competes against. 

Well, I may have to eat those words as there’s news that Asustor devices are now being hit by Deadbolt ransomware. If that name sounds familiar, it should. It’s one of the strains that has hit QNAP devices:

Asustor NAS owners on Reddit and the official Asustor forums have reported that they’ve fallen victim to a DeadBolt ransomware attack. DeadBolt has been in the wild for some time now, infecting unprotected NAS systems connected to the Internet. The same ransomware previously wreaked havoc on QNAP devices, and it would appear that Asustor was the next target.

DeadBolt’s modus operandi hasn’t changed much. The attacker remotely slips into the victim’s NAS, encrypts the latter’s information, and consequently asks for a ransom in bitcoins. Each victim receives a unique Bitcoin address to send the funds. Once the payment goes through, the criminal sends the victim the decryption key to decrypt the files on the infected NAS system. The perpetrators are asking for 0.03 bitcoin, which by today’s exchange rate is around $1,154. It’s the same sum that the hijackers had demanded from their QNAP victims. Surprisingly, the gang didn’t make Asustor any offers. With QNAP, the group had offered to share the vulnerability details with the company for five bitcoins ($184,000) or sell it the universal decryption master key for 50 bitcoins ($1.85 million)

So it seems that the playbook is the same. Which is that the threat actors go after NAS devices that are exposed to the Internet. Which means that if you don’t have your Asustor NAS exposed to the Internet, and you stop using Asustor’s EZ Connect utility, you don’t have a problem. Or at least as much of a problem.

It does make me wonder if Asus shares some of its NAS hardware and software with QNAP. After all, it does seem kind of weird that two different companies got pwned in this manner. Watch this space for more as I keep an eye on this.

UPDATE: Saumitra Das, CTO and Cofounder, Blue Hexagon provided this commentary:

“Attackers have been targeting a lot of non-PC devices like storage and other IoT type devices (routers, camera) which tend to be less easily patched and not well maintained to gain access to consumer and enterprise networks. In the case of storage devices which today are full-fledged desktops running Linux or Windows or even multiple VMs, lot of unpatched vulnerabilities may exist and remain unpatched specially on the consumer side. Users should keep such devices off the network or create a secondary air gapped or cloud backup of their important data.”

ASUS Serves Up Some Great Gifts For The Tech Lover In Your Life

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Tech lovers are sometimes difficult to buy for. Fortunately ASUS has a few different products for your consideration. They are suited to a variety of users, from the tech enthusiast to the casual internet browser, and everyone in between:

  • ProArt Display PA329CV :  Designed for the serious creative, the ProArt Display PA329CV features a 32” 4K UHD display, ProArt preset ProArt Preset, USB-C connection, and calman verified display. With a 3840 x 2160 resolution – 4X more than full HD – users will find crystal clear visuals even in the finest details of photos and text. $1449 @ Amazon
  • AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi 5 Router: Powered by 5G Wi-Fi and 256QAM technology, this router is perfect for the household managing multiple WFH workers. On a 5GHz band it blazes to 1300 Mbps letting users connect multiple devices without sacrificing speed. $79.99 @ The Source
  • ZenBeam Latte : A wireless mini projector that will take movie nights anywhere. Sitting at the size of a coffee mug, this projector  holds three hours of projection or 12 hours of audio playback, projects up to 300 LED lumens output and 720p native resolution and can connect through wireless connectivity, bluetooth, or a USB-A port. 549 @ Canada Computers
  • Chromebook Flip C433 : A super versatile laptop designed for work and play. The Chromebook Flip features an Intel® Core™ m3 processor, 8 GB RAM, and a 14” touchscreen. It has 360 degree hinge lettering users use it as a laptop or tablet. $499 @ Amazon
  • ASUS ROG Gladius II Wireless: Co-designed with Pro gamers for ultimate comfort, this mouse features right-handed ergonomics and ROG-exclusive socket design enabling easy switch-replacements to customize click force. $155.78 @ Amazon

If northing on this list strikes your fancy, check out for even more gift ideas.

ASUS Announces New Chromebook Flip CX3

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ASUS today announced ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3, a laptop that empowers the way users work and play. This elegant 14-inch laptop offers an exquisite blend of powerful performance and versatility for doing more from anywhere, featuring up to an Intel® CoreTM processor, an ultra-quiet fanless design and WiFi 6 connectivity. Also, a garaged stylus, dual cameras and a 360° ErgoLift hinge spice up entertainment experiences and expand capabilities, while military-grade durability keeps ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 protected when on the go.

Powerful performance and connectivity

ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 is powered by up to the latest 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and features up to 16 GB of memory and 512 GB of storage, delivering performance and responsiveness for incredible productivity. Thanks to a fanless design, this laptop keeps work spaces ultra-quiet while delivering powerful performance.

For ultrafast WiFi 6 connections, ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 is tested and certified with ASUS WiFi Master for Chrome OS. Connections are further improved by exclusive ASUS technologies that enhance speed, stability and range.

Stunning style and visuals

With an eye-catching new color — AI Blue — ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 offers an elegant, stylish aesthetic. The precision-crafted chassis features a dual-tapered design, in which the body and lid converge to form a V-shaped edge that facilitates opening the device.

ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 also pleases the eye with its seamless visuals. The four-sided NanoEdge display maximizes screen area with an 80% screen-to-body ratio, making viewing experiences more immersive. The 14-inch Full HD IPS panel also offers wide, 178° viewing angles and exceptional color reproduction for incredibly vivid, true-to-life imagery.

Versatility and ergonomics for doing more

ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 offers a variety of features that expand user capabilities and maximize ergonomics. An included stylus1 quickly and automatically charges when garaged — only 15 seconds of charging provides up to 45 minutes of use — keeping it ready for use and providing a safe place to store it. The intuitive stylus is a quick, precise way to unleash creativity and productivity. For further creative pursuits, ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 has two cameras: one standard webcam and a special world-facing camera. The standard HD webcam has a shield that simply slides over it to ensure privacy, while the 5 MP world-facing camera is located beside the keyboard and allows users to easily capture photos and videos in tablet mode.

For excellent ergonomics, a precision-engineered 360° ErgoLift hinge smoothly adjusts the display at any angle and lifts and tilts the keyboard into the most comfortable typing position. The laptop has a full-sized keyboard with 1.4 mm key travel for greater typing comfort, and the backlighting on the keyboard lets users type effortlessly in dark environments.

Tough, flexible design for on-the-go use

With structural reinforcements to boost chassis strength, ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 is built to provide toughness for on-the-go lifestyles. It also meets next-level and industry-leading U.S. MIL-STD 810H durability standards, which are more rigorous and demanding than ever before. Additionally, the device undergoes stringent in-house testing — including panel-pressure, shock and drop tests — to ensure maximal toughness.

For flexibility when traveling or moving around, ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 offers up to 11 hours of battery life on a single charge. It also features two full-function, reversible USB-C® 3.2 Gen 1 ports for charging devices, streaming media or connecting with peripherals, and two USB Type-A ports for even more connectivity options. In addition, a microSD slot enables extra storage for maximum convenience and compatibility.

The best of Google

For work and play, ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 unlocks the very best of Google. Users can enjoy full access to Google Play, and Google Assistant is always ready to help. Chrome OS offers the full power of Google Workspace, including Google productivity apps such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet and more, allowing users to collaborate quickly and to seamlessly stay in sync with favorite apps. Also, a 12-month Google One trial subscription with 100 GB of cloud storage is available with purchase of an ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 laptop.

Automatic updates and built-in virus protection seamlessly keep ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 safe, secure and always up to date. The laptop is also built around the rock-solid security of a personal Google account, so all private documents, emails, photos and confidential data are kept safe at all times.


ASUS Chromebook Flip CX3 will be available in Q4 in Canada at a suggested MSRP of $999 CAD. 

ASUS Portable Projectors To Take Fall Movie Mights Anywhere

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There’s no better way to transition into sweater weather than to curl up and catch up with your favourite TV shows and movies. With new shows being added to Netflix in October (You: season 3, Love is Blind Brazil, Kim’s Convenience: season 5) along with a range of spooky movies, why not cozy up in style with ASUS?

ASUS currently has two portable projectors to view your fall favourites on:

  • ZenBeam E2: The recently launched ZenBeam E2 is ASUS’ latest portable projector model featuring up to four hours of playback time, wired and wireless projection, and an Auto Portrait feature allowing the viewer to change its orientation while in use. Coming in a flat compact form and weighing just 410 grams, it’s perfect for a quick indoor or outdoor setup.
  • ZenBeam Latte: Sitting at the size of a coffee mug, the ZenBeam Latte doubles as a bluetooth speaker and projector; its battery holds three hours of projection or 12 hours of audio playback, and projects up to 300 LED lumens output and 720p native resolution. It can connect through wireless connectivity, bluetooth, or a USB-A port.

ASUS Announces Best-Ever Performance At 2021 Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Awards

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ASUS today announced that it has achieved its best-ever performance at the prestigious 2021 Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Awards ceremony, picking up a total of five accolades across multiple disciplines — including Digital Solutions, Brand Design & Identity, Film & Animation, Packaging Design and Interface & User Experience Design.

Each year, companies globally are invited to take part in Red Dot’s Brands & Communication Design Awards. All entries are assessed by the expert Red Dot judging panel with regard to their design and creative performance. Specifically, for the Brands aspect of the awards, the jury assesses vision and brand values, design and brand communication, and brand identity and differentiation. For Communication Design, the core criteria are originality and creativity, design quality and innovation, and comprehensibility and emotional significance.

In being awarded winning status in five out of 18 categories, ASUS has built on its year-on-year success at the Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Awards — notching up more accolades than ever before — and sent a strong signal that is now a leading force in both branding and communications design. This leveling-up of our success is also recognition of the fact that ASUS is committed to designing every detail of its products, packaging and customer experiences.

Full details of the Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Awards achieved by ASUS and Republic of Gamers (ROG) in 2021 are as follows:

ROG Citadel XV: Digital Solutions Award

During CES 2021, we unveiled ROG Citadel XV — a new, innovative and joyful way to discover more about ROG products. ADC collaborated closely with third party animator studios to develop an ambitious virtual experience unlike any other. The result is an exciting interactive experience that includes stories from the ROG visual universe, a gallery tour of the latest ROG devices, and an FPS-style minigame.

ROG Brand Book: Brand Design & Identity Award

ROG has designed a brand book that both explores and frames the history, design, technologies and innovations of the ASUS gaming sub-brand, from its inception to now. The unique design of this brand book outlines ROG’s brand values, core vision and product aesthetics.

ROG Flow X13: Film & Animation Award

The product video for ROG Flow X13 is unique, envisioning a futuristic world out of space where viewers are immersed into the universe of product innovation and design. It also explores the incredible performance and features unleashed by the remarkable ROG Flow X13 gaming laptop.

ASUS Zenfone 8: Packaging Design Award

ASUS has long understood that in order to deliver the incredible experiences, every step of the customer journey is essential – and that’s why the Red Dot judging panel appraised the packaging of Zenfone 8 as worthy of its Packaging Design Award. The sleek packaging has a premium feel and finish to deliver a heartfelt unboxing experience. The package even includes a color-matched case for Zenfone 8, ensuring that the product is protected and ready to use, right out of the box.

ROG Phone 5 Ultimate: Interface & User Experience Design Award

The Red Dot jury also recognized the unique nature of the packaging that enrobes ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. Specifically, the unboxing experience provides access to a unique chronicle rendered on the phone’s display via augmented reality (AR). When firing up ROG Phone 5 Ultimate for the first time, the user is invited to scan the book-like interior of the packaging. This in turn triggers an immersive AR experience that builds into a story that forms the start of their gaming journey. Storytelling is at the center of the user experience, deepening the unboxing experience to help the user become immersed in gaming from the get-go. At every step of the unboxing, the user discovers more content and story behind ROG Phone 5 Ultimate.


ROG Citadel XV is available to download from Steam. The ROG Flow X13 and ASUS ZenFone 8 are now available in Canada. The ROG Phone 5 will be available in Q4 2022 in Canada.

ASUS Reveals Powerful Creator-Focused Laptop Lineup

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I wanted to share some of the exciting new products revealed by ASUS that you might have missed. ASUS revealed the Zenbook Pro, ProArt Studiobook, and Vivobook Pro lineups, a series of powerful laptops geared to creators at any level.

The Zenbook Pro: A recipient of the CES 2021 Innovation Award, the Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED is perfect for advanced creators on the go. The 15.6 Inch laptop brings the ASUS ScreenPad Plus, a 14 inch secondary touchscreen to allow effortless multitasking. It features up to an Intel Core i9 processor with up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 to easily run demanding applications.

ProArt Studiobook Pro 16 OLED: This laptop is equipped to display professional grade videos with a 16 inch 4k OLED HDR display, an AMD Ryzen 5000 H-Series Processor or a 3rd Generation Intel Xeon workstation processor, and an NVIDIA RTX A2000 or A5000, allowing users to seamlessly run visualization, simulation, or photorealistic rendering applications.

Vivobook Pro: Perfect for hobbyists and aspiring creators alike, the 15.6 Inch Vivobook Pro 15 OLEDweighs just under 3.64 lbs, has an FHD OLED display, ultrafast WiFI 6, and a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050. It’s a perfect, budget friendly yet highly capable laptop for those looking to break into the creative world.

You can get more info from this press release.

ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces ROG Phone 5 Series

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ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced ROG Phone 5, ROG Phone 5 Pro and ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, the latest and most powerful incarnation of the world’s most advanced gaming smartphone.

The ROG Phone 5 series is powered to win by the flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 5G Mobile Platform featuring advanced 5G communications and premium Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ features. The upgraded GameCool 5 cooling system along with the all-new performance manager in Armoury Crate ensure maximum performance is available for any gaming scenario.

For ultra-smooth and ultra-responsive gaming visuals, the ROG Phone 5 series is equipped with a Samsung-built 144 Hz / 1 ms AMOLED HDR10+ certified display with an industry-leading 300 Hz touch sampling rate and ultra-low 24.3 ms touch latency.

Gamers can play longer with the ROG Phone 5 series thanks to the monster 6000 mAh battery, and the phones come with a 65-watt HyperCharge adapter that tops up the battery in the shortest possible time.

The ROG Phone 5 series continues the ROG built-for-gamers design philosophy with ROG Vision, a never-before-seen rear matrix display — available exclusively on ROG Phone 5 Pro and ROG Phone 5 Ultimate — that shows customizable animations in response to a variety of system and in-game events.

There are also massive enhancements to the pioneering and still-unrivaled AirTrigger 5 control system, and the powerful GameFX audio system has also been overhauled to deliver even more immersive sound.

Dare to win

The ROG Phone 5 series harnesses the massive power of the latest flagship Snapdragon 888, which packs industry-leading innovations in 5G, AI, gaming, and camera technologies. Snapdragon Elite Gaming allows gamers to harness the power of ultra-smooth play at the highest possible HDR quality levels, with desktop-level capabilities. It also debuts Qualcomm Game Quick Touch, so players can experience up to a 20% increase in touch responsiveness and lower latencyi. With up to a stunning 35% increase in GPU performance and 25% in CPU performanceii, even the most demanding 3D mobile games run smoothly with maxed-out settings.

To enable maximum sustained performance, the GameCool 5 cooling system in the ROG Phone 5 series now has an optimum thermal structure featuring a centered CPU with the battery split into two parts, one located on each side of the CPU. This ensures that the heat generated by the CPU is transferred to all the edges and corners of the chassis simultaneously for higher thermal efficiency. The reshaped 3D vapor chamber and extensive graphite sheets also help to spread the heat evenly across the device to reduce heat build-up in the middle.

The completely revamped AeroActive Cooler 5 now intakes and expels an incredible amount of air directly onto the center of the phone — right where the CPU is — to deliver an amazing 10°C drop in the CPU temperature.

The all-new performance manager in Armoury Crate now includes X Mode, with multiple system profiles to give gamers even more performance settings and performance tuning tools, so they can instantly adapt the phone to the task at hand.

Additionally, ROG Phone 5 Ultimate is the world’s first smartphone to use 18 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, which dramatically increases the overall gaming performance and takes the user experience to the next level.

Dare to see

Cutting-edge displays have been a signature ROG Phone feature since its inception, and the ROG Phone 5 series continues this tradition. Boasting an industry-leading 300 Hz touch-sampling rate, the 144 Hz / 1 ms AMOLED display — built by Samsung — delivers a super-smooth gaming experience, with an ultra-low touch latency. Tuned in collaboration with leading visual-processing company Pixelworks®, the supreme visuals are enhanced even further with world-beating Delta-E <1 color accuracy, the new always-on HDR technologyiv that improves non-HDR visuals, and a screen that’s protected by the toughest ever Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™. The ROG Phone 5 series is built to endure — and built to win.

Dare to play

To extend both screen-on time and the lifespan of the monster 6000 mAh battery, ROG Phone 5 series is optimized using new software optimizations and power-saving mechanisms, including a charging upper limit, steady charging, and enhanced scheduled charging. There are also passive power-saving mechanisms to limit inactive apps and deliver up to 67% more power savingsv. The ROG Phone 5 series always optimizes itself for the best power efficiency, however it’s being used.

Rapid charging is assured by the bundled 65-watt HyperCharge adapter, which gets gamers up and running again in the fastest possible time.

Innovative ROG Vision

ROG Phone 5 Ultimate and ROG Phone 5 Pro let gamers make their presence known to the world with the exclusive ROG Vision, a pioneering rear matrix display that’s never been seen on any phone until now. ROG Phone 5 Pro features a color ROG Vision display, while ROG Phone 5 Ultimate has a monochrome version.

ROG Vision can display a variety of cool animations that show whether the phone is charging, if there’s an incoming call, whether X Mode is enabled, and more. Owners can even create custom animations to make their phone even more personal.

Built for gamers

Total control is the name of the game for the ROG Phone 5 series, and the massively upgraded AirTrigger 5 control system now gives gamers up to four distinct ways to interact with their ROG Phone 5, delivering an unrivaled level of game control. The AeroActive Cooler 5 now also features two extra physical buttons to allow a genuine console-like gaming experience.

The ROG Phone 5 series supports an unprecedented total of 10 different motion controls, so gamers can easily pick the moves to fit their game. In a racing game, for example, they can swivel the phone to steer or pull it towards them to brake. Game control has never been so easy.

ROG Phone 5 Pro and ROG Phone 5 Ultimate additionally features innovative hidden rear touch sensors on the back cover, which provide L2/R2 trigger functions, just like a game console controller. These also work together with the ultrasonic sensors, the AeroActive Cooler 5 buttons and the motion controls to provide full control for a total gaming experience.

The GameFX audio system in the ROG Phone 5 series now incorporates symmetrical seven-magnet dual speakers for truly balanced stereo sound effects. Optimized in collaboration with audio specialist Dirac, the projected sound quality will grab the user’s aural senses and take them to a different world. There’s also a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a hi-fi-grade ESS DAC for lossless audio processing. The AudioWizard audio-tuning app has also been completely revamped to optimize sound for different audio styles, including Game, Cinema, and Music settings. GameFX audio on ROG Phone 5 series delivers the crystal-clear in-game sound effects and powerful aural soundscapes that gamers never dared to hope for in a phone.

For the ROG Phone 5 series, ASUS has teamed up with some of the most popular game titles to give owners a series of different theme packs for customizing their device with their favorite characters and screens. Gamers can also share, discuss, and interact via ROG Connect, an online community that’s built into the ROG Phone 5 series.

ASUS held an early morning launch event for the ROG Phone 5 series that you can watch here:

ASUS Reveals New Array Of Products At CES 2021

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ASUS announced a number at items at CES this year. But the ASUS and ROG brand were represented and here’s the highlights.

ASUS ROG announced an exciting lineup of gaming weaponry and technologies at its CES 2021 ROG For Those Who Dare virtual launch event, including: 

  1. ROG Flow X13 gaming laptop with the XG Mobile external GPU: The 13-inch ultraportable gaming laptop powered by up to an AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS mobile processor CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics. The energy efficient CPU helps prolong battery life, giving Flow X13 up to 10 hours of gaming on a full charge. It also comes with a lightweight, 100-watt USB-C PD charger that can charge an empty battery to 60% in just 39 minutes.
  2. Dual-screen ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE: Features the innovative ROG ScreenPad Plus to give gamers the advantage of a secondary screen for more usable onscreen space for gaming and productive tasks. 
  3. ROG Swift PG32UQ: The world’s first 32 -inch HDMI 2.1 gaming monitor and features a 144 Hz IPS panel with a 1ms moving picture response time (MPRT). It has two HDMI 2.1 ports to support up to 4K visuals at up to 120 Hz on the latest gaming consoles.
  4. You can read more in the press release here.

ASUS also introduced a wide variety of new laptops at CES that push the boundaries of design and innovation to deliver ultimate mobile computing experiences. The new line-up includes:

  1. The new ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED and ZenBook Duo 14: feature upgraded ScreenXpert 2 software, which introduces powerful and intuitive new features to streamline workflows.
  2. VivoBook S14 (S435): The lightest 14-inch VivoBook model, it is a powerful companion for discovering, exploring and creating. With the latest 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16 GB memory, and Intel Optane Memory H10, VivoBook S14 can handle any workload
  3. Chromebook Flip CX5/C536 (CX5500): A groundbreaking new laptop that expands the capabilities of Chromebooks for cloud entertainment. This is the first 15.6-inch Chromebook Flip to be powered by an 11th Generation Intel Core processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics, and features Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.
  4. ZenBeam Latte L1 projector: ZenBeam Latte L1 projector enables users to take their favorite movies or music on the go. The projector introduces a new cylindrical mug-shaped design, which enhances sound transmission while providing a compact footprint. 
  5. You can read more in the press release here.

Last-Minute Black Friday Deals With ASUS

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With the holidays approaching ASUS has some Canadian Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for you that I’d like to share:

  1. The ASUS Chromebook Flip C433TA has a stylish contemporary look, compact portability and powerful specifications that are all designed to help you accomplish every task. The ideal gift for anyone working or studying remotely. (CAD $499.00 @Amazon)
  1. The ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QL1A HDR Gaming Monitor is designed for gamers and others seeking immersive gameplay. This monitor delivers stunning visuals from all angles, with wide 178-degree viewing angles that ensures minimal distortion and color shift even when viewing from extreme positions. The perfect gift for all gamers out there. (CAD $449.99 @Newegg)
  1. ASUS RT-AX58U is a 2×2 dual-band Wi-Fi router that provides dramatically faster wireless connections. With a total networking speed of about 3000Mb, this router improves coverage, providing a significantly better networking experience for households, making it a must-have while we continue to work and study from home. (CAD $189.99 @The Source)
  1. The ASUS VivoBook 14  has an ultrathin profile making it perfect for everybody on the go. This stylish laptop adds flair and dynamis to daily computing. It has an Intel® Core™ i7 processor, providing the power you need to get things done.(CAD $529.00 @Amazon)

Check them out today as these deals are not likely to last.

ASUS Unveils New Laptop Lineup with 11th Generation Intel Core Processors and Premiers First Laptop Verified as an Intel Evo Platform Design

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ASUS today announced a full lineup of new and upgraded PCs at the Built for Brilliance virtual launch event, including laptops featuring the power of 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and the debut laptop verified as an Intel® Evo™ platform laptop design. Groundbreaking laptops in the lineup include ZenBook Flip S (UX371), the world’s thinnest OLED convertible laptop and the first ASUS laptop to be verified on the Intel Evo platform; ZenBook S (UX393), world’s thinnest and lightest 3:2 3.3K laptop; ZenBook 14 (UX435), the world’s smallest 14-inch laptop with ScreenPad; ZenBook Pro 15 (UX535), the world’s smallest 15-inch 4K OLED laptop; and ExpertBook B9 (B9450CEA), one of the world’s lightest 14-inch business laptops. The 2020 PC lineup incorporates ASUS and industry leading-edge solutions to provide ultimate productivity and user experience. 

Equipped with 11th Generation Intel Core processors and new Intel® Iris® Xe graphics, the latest ASUS laptops break the boundaries of performance for thin and light laptops and empower users with ultimate experiences in productivity, creativity, gaming, entertainment, and collaboration. The 11th Generation Intel Core processors harness the power of AI technology to enable unparalleled speed and intelligent performance for everyday PC users, and integrated Intel® Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt™ 4 provide fast, reliable connectivity. New Intel Iris Xe graphics deliver discrete-level graphics performance for next-generation media experiences. 

ASUS is dedicated to delivering incredible laptop experiences for users. During the launch event, ASUS debuted ZenBook Flip S (UX371, FHD LED-backlit 1W panel version), which is verified as an Intel Evo platform laptop design, ensuring it meets the second edition specification and Key Experience Indicators of Intel’s Project Athena innovation program. Other laptops in the 2020 lineup are targeted for verification based on these standards, pending further tuning and testing. Laptops with Intel Evo verification bring together the perfect combination of premium performance and responsiveness, efficient battery usage, and stunning visuals to create a new class of laptops that provide an exceptional experience, anywhere. In addition to 11th Generation Intel Core processors, Intel Evo platform-based laptops feature Intel Iris Xe graphics, support for Intel Wi-fi 6, and Thunderbolt 4. 

ASUS combines the performance of the latest Intel processors, exceptional user experiences based on the Intel Evo platform, and pioneering technology to deliver unstoppable laptops that empower users in an ever-evolving world.

ASUS and industry leading-edge technology in new PCs

In addition to premiering a laptop verified on the Intel Evo platform and providing laptops with 11th Generation Intel Core processors, this year’s lineup of laptops empowers users with cutting-edge solutions from ASUS, including several that accommodate the rise of remote work. 

ASUS laptops with OLED displays provide exceptionally detailed and realistic visuals with eye-friendly panel lighting. Each display offers ultra-vivid colors and blur-free motion with 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and 0.2 ms response time, deep blacks that are certified as VESA DisplayHDR™ 500 True Black, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and PANTONE® Validated certification for true-to-life color accuracy. They are also certified by TÜV Rheinland as having reduced blue light and being flicker-free for enhanced eye care. 

The ASUS ScreenXpert 2.0 user interface on ASUS ScreenPad provides enhanced productivity and capabilities with an intuitive interface design, smoother processing between screens, personalized multitasking workflows, and compatibility with multiple ASUS utility apps. MyASUS is a one-stop software portal that provides easy access to ASUS apps and software designed to help users maintain their system, optimize PC performance, and contact ASUS for after-sales service and support. A wide range of system controls can be personalized in MyASUS, including the new and enhanced Fan Profile, which is a fan control setting that optimizes fan speeds based on usage scenarios. Fan Profile allows users to set to Whisper Mode for a quieter working space, Performance Mode for significantly improved power and heat dissipation, or Standard Mode for everyday tasks. 

For enhancing user experiences when working from home or remotely, ASUS also provides ASUS Wi-Fi Master technology and AI noise-canceling audio. ASUS Wi-Fi Master technology, which includes Wi-Fi SmartConnect, Wi-Fi Stabilizer, and Wi-Fi RangeBoost, ensures that users enjoy stable connections, filters out wireless interference for fast connection speeds, automatically selects the best Wi-Fi signal, and uses multiple antennas to enhance signal throughput. AI noise-canceling audio employs next-level machine learning in order to remove unwanted noise from human speech during conference calls. Available via MyASUS, the ClearVoice Mic and Speaker feature filters out ambient noise, isolates and focuses on each individual voice received by the mic, and filters out ambient noise from the speaker—providing users with incredibly clear audio.

Introducing ASUS laptops with 11th Generation Intel Core processors 

ASUS ZenBook Flip S (UX371)

The ultracompact ZenBook Flip S is the first ASUS laptop to be verified as an Intel Evo platform laptop design. It is effortlessly portable, measuring just 13.9 mm thin and weighing a mere 1.2 kg. The superb ultra-vivid 4K UHD OLED NanoEdge PANTONE® Validated color-accurate touchscreen has a wide 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and is VESA DisplayHDR 500 True Black-certified for deep blacks and exceptional contrast. It is also TÜV Rheinland-certified for eye care, and for intuitive input it supports the new ASUS Pen active stylus with 4096 pressure levels.

ZenBook Flip S has a luxurious premium design, featuring a Jade Black finish with contrasting Red Copper diamond-cut highlights and a brushed-aluminum deco bar. The durable precision-engineered 360° ErgoLift hinge allows the laptop to be used in laptop, tablet, stand and tent modes — or anything in between. The ASUS NumberPad 2.0 enables fast data entry, and the new edge-to-edge keyboard design provides space for convenient extra function keys.

Incredible on-the-go performance is provided by up to an 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics, combined with up to 16 GB RAM and up to a 1 TB PCIe® 3.0 x4 SSD. For ultimate connectivity, ZenBook Flip S offers two Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C® ports, a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port, and an HDMI port. The high-capacity battery in ZenBook Flip S lasts for up to an amazing 15 hours, enough for even the longest working day.

ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 (UX363)

Measuring just 13.9 mm thin and weighing only 1.3 kg, the compact ZenBook Flip 13 has a precision-engineered 360° ErgoLift hinge that allows versatile usage modes: laptop, tablet, tent, stand, or anything in between. It also automatically lifts and tilts the new edge-to-edge keyboard for comfortable typing and improved system cooling.

With a high-capacity 67 Wh battery that can deliver up to 14 hours of operation on a single charge, ZenBook Flip 13 is perfect for today’s work-anywhere lifestyles. ZenBook Flip 13 supports fast charging with the supplied 65-watt charger, and ASUS USB-C®Easy Charge allows users to take advantage of a wide range of standard USB-C or USB-C Power Delivery (PD) chargers. 

ZenBook Flip 13 features up to a sleek NanoEdge FHD OLED touchscreen that is fully compatible with the newly designed ASUS Pen. The display supports 4096 pressure levels, ensuring enhanced precision and sensitivity for more natural-feeling stylus input. 

For silky-smooth performance, ZenBook Flip 13 is powered by up to an 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with Intel Iris Xegraphics and 16GB of RAM. For storage, it supports up to a 1 TB PCIe 3.0 SSD.

ASUS ZenBook S (UX393)

The ZenBook S is a premium ultraportable 13.9-inch laptop with a brand-new 3:2 aspect-ratio form factor. It is 15.7 mm thin, 1.35 kg light, and exquisitely constructed, with a compact, tough all-metal unibody that premieres an exciting new productivity-enhancing shape. It is built around an amazing 3.3K (3300 x 2200) NanoEdge PANTONE® Validated touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio that fits more on the screen, providing a larger visual workspace and reducing the need for scrolling. A high-capacity 67 Wh battery with fast-charge support gives ZenBook S up to 12 hours of autonomy.

The elegant new Jade Black livery features contrasting Red Copper diamond-cut highlights, and a special off-center ASUS logo on the lid adds to the visual appeal of the design. A precision-engineered ErgoLift hinge ensures a comfortable typing position on the spacious edge-to-edge keyboard, along with improved cooling airflow.

For outstanding on-the-go performance, ZenBook S is powered by up to an 11th Generation Intel Core™ i7 processor, with up to 16 GB RAM and up to a 1 TB PCIe 3.0 x4 M.4 SSD. It features full-size HDMI and USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, along with two ultrafast and versatile Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C® ports and a MicroSD card reader. 

The latest version of the MyASUS software portal allows users to get the most out of their laptop and smartphone, and the ASUS NumberPad 2.0 provides easy numeric data entry. An infrared (IR) camera allows convenient face login with Windows Hello.

ASUS ExpertBook B9 (B9450CEA)

The ExpertBook B9 (B9450CEA) features a sleek precision-crafted minimalist chassis that is 1005g light for premium portability. It is built for travel with all-day battery life, and the dual-storage design, a full set of I/O ports, innovative ASUS NumberPa8, and proximity sensor improve on-the-go work efficiency. Constructed solidly with magnesium-lithium alloy and extra structural rigidity, it meets ultra-demanding US MIL-STD 810H US military standards, and enterprise-grade security ensures that confidential data is kept safe.

The ExpertBook B9 is powered by up to an 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics and superfast Intel® Wi-Fi 6, providing quick and responsive computing, network, and graphical performance. Dual SSDs support RAID 0 and RAID 1 technology (on select models), providing options for faster data transfer or secure data backup. Advanced video conferencing solutions include AI noise-canceling audio for crystal-clear sound and ASUS Wi-Fi Master technology for stable network connections. The ExpertBook B9 includes a user-friendly accessory box that can also be used as a laptop stand. Highly portable, powerful, and tough, the ExpertBook B9 is the ideal partner for the corporate world.

ASUS ZenBook 14 (UX435)

ZenBook 14 is an all-new ultraportable laptop that combines superb performance and effortless portability with timeless good looks. Weighing as little as 1.19 kg, ZenBook 14 includes the revolutionary ASUS ScreenPad for enhanced productivity, and is powered by up to 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors with NVIDIA® GeForce® MX450 discrete graphics (UX435EG). 

This latest addition to the ZenBook Classic series also boasts a full array of I/O ports: two Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C®, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, standard HDMI 2.0, microSD card reader, and an audio jack. ZenBook 14 provides a four-sided frameless NanoEdge display with a remarkable 92% screen-to-body ratio, and is available in two distinctive new shades – Pine Grey and Lilac Mist.

ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 (TP470)

VivoBook Flip 14 is a boldly styled convertible touchscreen laptop with a 360° hinge that allows it to be used in laptop, stand, tent and tablet modes — or anything in between. It also supports the ASUS Pen active stylus for accurate input and writing with a natural, responsive feel.

Everything is a breeze with VivoBook Flip 14, thanks to the power of up to an 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics, up to 16 GB of memory, up to a 1 TB PCIe® SSD, and comprehensive I/O connectivity—including Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C®. It is also full of personality, sporting a sleek Indie Black and Transparent Silver finish and a color-blocked Enter key with yellow edges and text. The compact VivoBook Flip 14 is the perfect on-the-go laptop for productivity or entertainment, anywhere.

ASUS ZenBook 13/14 (UX325EA/UX425EA)

ZenBook 13 (UX325EA) and ZenBook 14 (UX425EA) are two new-generation 13.3-inch and 14-inch ultraportable laptops in the ZenBook Classic series. ZenBook 13 and ZenBook 14 are even thinner and lighter than the previous generation. ZenBook 13 weighs just 1.07 kg and both models are a mere 13.9 mm thin, but uniquely for such an ultrathin design they offer comprehensive I/O capabilities, including full-size HDMI and USB Type-A ports in addition to Thunderbolt 4 USB-C® and a microSD card reader. They are the world’s thinnest 13.3-inch and 14-inch laptops to offer such comprehensive and versatile connectivity[xiii]

Compact four-sided NanoEdge displays offer up to a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio for immersive visuals, with the option of an ultra-low power 1-watt display that maximizes battery life. The user experience is also fully updated, featuring ASUS NumberPad 2.0, up to 21 hours of battery life, a new edge-to-edge keyboard design, ErgoLift hinge mechanisms, and IR cameras for fast face-recognition. ZenBook 13 and 14 are available in two sophisticated new colors, Pine Grey and Lilac Mist.

Powered by 11th Generation Intel® Core processors with up to 32 GB RAM, ZenBook 13 and ZenBook 14 make light work of multitasking, productivity, and entertainment. Up to 1TB PCIe® 3.0 x2 SSDs and the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) round off the specifications for superb all-round performance.

ASUS VivoBook S13/S14/S15 (S333EA/S433EA/S533EA)

VivoBook S13 (S333EA), S14 (S433EA), and S15 (S533EA), are a series of ultraportable 13-inch, 14-inch, and 15-inch laptops that strike the perfect balance between personality and performance, and feature a new and bolder look. VivoBook S laptops are distinctively styled with diamond-cut edges and metallic textured finishes, and are available in multiple colors that have been chosen to reflect the user’s personality. They also provide style on the inside with an Enter key with color-blocked edges. In addition to a unique design and sleek looks, the new VivoBooks are powered by up to 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16 GB RAM, and a large-capacity PCIe® SSD with Intel® Optane™ Memory H10 that provides superfast storage. It also offers comprehensive I/O connectivity, including Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C®.

ASUS VivoBook 14/15 (K413EQ/K513EQ/F513EA)

The VivoBook 14/15 series features vivid, colorful laptops built for productivity and entertainment. VivoBook F513EA models offer an all-plastic chassis in Dreamy White, Cobalt Blue, or Bespoke Black, while K413EQ and K513EQ models have a metal lid design and come in Hearty Gold, Indie Black, or Transparent Silver. Powered by up to 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16 GB RAM, Wi-Fi 6, and a large-capacity PCIe® SSD, VivoBook 14 and 15 laptops empower users with supreme productivity. The unique ASUS NumberPad 2.0 on the VivoBook 14 makes number-crunching tasks easy and efficient, a color-blocked Enter key adds a touch of style, and the dual-storage design of VivoBook 15 delivers the superfast data-access speeds of an SSD combined with the large capacity of an HDD.

ASUS laptops with 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processors

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 (UX535)

The ZenBook Pro 15 is the latest model in the ZenBook Pro series of ultraportable creative laptops, and is also the world’s smallest 15.6-inch laptop to feature a 4K UHD OLED touchscreen.

The elegant ZenBook Pro 15 allows casual creators to work on their projects anywhere, thanks to a compact design that is enabled by the slim bezels on the bright and clear NanoEdge 4K UHD OLED touchscreen. A wide 100% DCI-P3 color gamut ensures vivid hues, and the 88% screen-to-body ratio delivers expansive visuals.

ZenBook Pro 15 is powered by 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 and i5 H-series processors, 16 GB of RAM, and up to an NVIDIA®GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti discrete graphics for powerful on-the-go creative performance, as well as up to a 1 TB PCIe® 3.0 x4 SDD for ultrafast storage.

For enhanced productivity, ZenBook Pro 15 includes the latest ASUS ScreenPad™, a 5.65-inch secondary color touchscreen built into the glass-covered touchpad that allows easy interaction via the new and intuitive smartphone-like ScreenXpert 2.0 interface. 

Designed for on-the-go convenience, ZenBook Pro 15 features a high-capacity 96 Wh battery and comprehensive set of I/O ports, including Thunderbolt™ 3 USB-C®, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, standard HDMI 2.0, an audio jack, and a SD card reader. The precision-engineered ErgoLift hinge creates a comfortable typing position, and there is an IR camera for hands-free face login with Windows Hello. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) offers ultrafast wireless connectivity, enhanced by ASUS Wi-Fi Master Premium technology for rock-solid connection stability.


  • ASUS ZenBook Flip S (UX371) will be available starting from October 2020 in North America. 
  • ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 (UX363EA) will be available starting from October 2020 in North America. 
  • ASUS ZenBook S (UX393) will be available starting from October 2020 in North America. 
  • ASUS ExpertBook B9 (B9450CEA) will be available starting from late Q4 2020 in North America.
  • ASUS ZenBook 14 (UX435) will be available starting from November 2020 North America. 
  • ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 (TP470) will be available starting from October 2020 in North America. 
  • ASUS ZenBook 13/14 (UX325EA/UX425EA) will be available starting from October 2020 in North America. 
  • ASUS VivoBook S13/S14/S15 (S333EA/S433EA/S533EA) will be available starting from October 2020 in North America. 
  • ASUS VivoBook 14/15 (K413EQ/K513EQ/F513EA) will be available starting from October 2020 in North America. 
  • ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 (UX535) will be available starting from late October 2020 in North America.