U.S. Lawmakers Fail To Stop ZTE From Rebooting Itself

It’s official. ZTE is back in business thanks to the U.S. Senate deciding not to do anything to stop the Chinese telcom who has been accused of spying from rebooting itself after it’s recent near death experience:

Lawmakers from both parties have been at odds with President Donald Trump over his decision last week to lift his earlier ban on U.S. companies selling to ZTE, allowing China’s second-largest telecommunications equipment maker to resume business.

An amendment backed by two Republicans and two Democrats would have reinstated the sanctions but was stripped out of the must-pass defense policy bill, lawmakers said on Friday.

The change was made as lawmakers sought to hammer out differences between the Senate and House versions of the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes military spending but is generally used as a vehicle for a broad range of policy matters.

That’s unfortunate because ZTE was caught red handed doing a fair number of things it should not have been doing. Now it looks like almost but not quite business as usual. That’s a #Fail if I have ever seen one.


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