Review: Jisoncase 2-in-1 Genuine Leather Wrist Band For Apple Watch

Since I got my Apple Watch I’ve been using a sport band on it. But recently I found I wanted a more upscale look to go with a suit or a night out at a high end restaurant. Thus the timing was handy to have Jisoncase send me one of their 2-in-1 Genuine Leather Wrist Band For The Apple Watch this past week.


As you can see, it has a metallic loop and a leather band that has high quality stitching. Let’s look both of those from a different angle:

Ok9JJk68QdyxjrrxjF5KnwIf you look at the color of the loop in comparison to my Space Grey Apple Watch, it fits in well. The leather is well stitched and I could not find any quality issues with it.


I wore this for a week to do everything in and found it to be comfortable. It was my intention not to work out in it, which for the most part I did. But I did go on a hike on a very humid day that left me pretty sweaty and the leather wasn’t affected. Still, I would consider this to be a fashion accessory rather than an all purpose watch band as it definitely gave my Apple Watch a more upscale look. The only issue that might appear for people with bigger wrists is that you might not have a band that is long enough to accommodate your wrist. But if this doesn’t describe you, then consider this a must buy. Especially given the price is $17.15 USD which is really hard to beat.


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