Early Testing Shows That The Patch To Fix i9 MacBook Pro Throttling Issues Works

It appears that the patch that is issued yesterday to fix the throttling issues that have dominated the Apple news cycle since the new i9 version of the MacBook Pro was released appears to work. Here’s a video by David Lee who is the YouTuber that discovered this issue.

Other sites have confirmed that this issue is resolved as well. So, what was the issue? Apple discovered that there was a missing digital key in the MacBook Pro firmware that impacted the thermal management system, driving down clock speeds under heavy thermal loads. What’s really interesting is that this was a problem that appears to have affected all 2018 MacBook Pro models. But was really pronounced on the i9 version.

So, will you now buy a new MacBook Pro now that you’re getting the speed that you’re paying for? Apple sure hopes so.


One Response to “Early Testing Shows That The Patch To Fix i9 MacBook Pro Throttling Issues Works”

  1. […] I have to admit that #KeyboardGate as well as their processor throttling issues (though they did fix that) have made me sit on the sidelines when it comes to buying a new MacBook which is something […]

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