Infographic: Is Online Shopping Still Not The Mainstream Culture?

Have you ever been curious about how well the big brand stores are doing online? Do their ecommerce platforms rake in as much cash as their brick and mortar stores? You would think that as more and more people are spending so much time online that ecommerce would be booming.

As you will see by the information put together by, you would only be partially right. Red Brain studied the top eleven American big brand stores and compared their performances online and offline. The resulting infographic is quite interesting.

Take Walmart, for example. Its online sales seem pretty good for 2017 at $15.316 billion. But, compare that to the $461.9 billion raked in by its brick and mortar stores and it really is just a drop in the ocean.

It is a pattern that we see repeated throughout the list and it is quite interesting. While shopping online is clearly convenient, it still is not prevalent enough to be considered a mainstay for clients of these companies.

This makes a lot of sense for some products. You wouldn’t really want to buy a fresh product online if it could be avoided. And, with clothing, it is nice to be able to see what it looks like on you before committing to buying it.

But, the gap does seem pretty high. There are plenty of generic items that don’t require much forethought. Like the razor blades that you have to buy every month anyway, for example. You would think that the online sales would be closer to the normal sales.

Perhaps we can chalk up a lot to habit or maybe being able to get the things that we want immediately. Who knows, maybe there is even a big element of impulsive spending. After all, it is easy to impulsive buy online as well, but you don’t have to literally walk down temptation alley to get what you went online for.

Whatever the reason, the gaps are surprising. Why not have a look for yourself?



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