Our 2018 Vacation – Part 2: Day 1 In Gananoque

After the Gran Fondo in Ottawa, some dinner and a good nights sleep, we checked out of the hotel and started the two hour drive to Gananoque Ontario. The reason why we were going here was that my wife has always wanted to see the 1000 Islands. I obliged as long as we got a good bike ride in to help to prepare her for the GTA Epic Tour 80KM event in September. Thus when she agreed I let her make all the arrangements, and I drove to the place that she had booked. Which was a bed and breakfast called Seaway Manor.


Now call me spoiled, but I think in my entire life I have ever stayed in two bed and breakfasts. I prefer hotels. Maybe because you’re more anonymous in them. Or I am just used to them because of all the business travel that I do. I should also note that one of those times that my wife and I stayed in a bed and breakfast was a super religious family who had a huge problem with us staying in the same room as we were only dating at the time. That really turned me off of staying in a bed and breakfasts.

One thing that made me go along with staying at this one was the fact that we had really expensive bikes with sometimes is an issue. Which is why I always ask hotels if they’re ok with bikes in the rooms. Some aren’t and I would like to find that out up front before showing up and finding out the hard way when I arrive. Then being left to scramble for accommodations that are fine with bikes. Now when we arrived the owners of Seaway Manor really went above and beyond to make us feel at home. For example they gave us a dedicated parking spot next to their garage. But on top of that, the entire properly uses smart locks like this one that have a four digit code to allow you entry.


In advance to our arrival, they programmed the locks to give us access to the garage to store our bikes in and to our room. They did also give us the option to carry the bikes up to the second floor room that we were staying in. But after getting assurances about the security of the garage, and seeing that the room was a bit snug, we went with the garage and covered the bikes up with a tarp. Though during our stay here we did check in on them from time to time.

So after getting settled and setting up shop, we spent some time just lounging around and watching the 15th stage of the Tour De France, we went out to dinner. On the advice of some of my wife’s friends, we drove into Kingston Ontario which was less than 30 minutes away and ended up here:


Dianne’s Fish Shack & Steakhouse was a very busy place the night that we went. But it was well worth it as the food was great, and for me, the beer sampler was outstanding. You got to choose four beers and the samples sizes were substantial. After dinner we went across the street to Mio Gelato for some dessert.


Then my wife and I walked around downtown Kingston for about 90 minutes.


Seeing as there’s a Toronto Sign, and in part one of this trip we saw an Ottawa sign, I guess Kingston had to get its own sign where you take the place of the “I” in Kingston.


Behind the Kingston sign is a old Canadian Pacific locomotive from the days where a railway ran from the city to the north.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are a pair of Shoal towers by the waterfront. One across from the other. They were used as defensive points for the city during the 1800’s.


Here’s a shot of City Hall.


And here’s a shot of the Prince George Hotel.


Finally, you can see Royal Military college from the downtown.

There’s a lot of history in Kingston and you could likely spend days exploring that city by itself. The only tip that I would provide is parking is at a premium during the summer and especially on weekends. Thus it might take you an effort to find parking. It took us 45 minutes of effort in our case. But once we got past that, we had a great evening.

Next up on our list is a boat cruise of the Thousand Islands including a visit to a castle. And this trip requires passports. Find out why tomorrow.


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