Our 2018 Vacation – Part 6: Day 5 In Gananoque

Today is our last full day in Gananoque before we return home tomorrow. And because of the weather, this is the day that we have targeted for cycling. The plan was to take the Waterfront Trail which starts at the eastern city limits of Gananoque and goes east for almost 160KM until you hit Cornwall. We were not going go that far. Instead we were going to go from Seaway Manor and cycle 40 KM east and then turn around and come back. The goal was to get 80 KM into my wife’s legs and then train around that in advance of the PWC Epic Tour 80 KM event so that she knows what 80 KM feels like. There was no time that I had in mind to complete this ride. But if she completed it in 4 hours or less, that would be impressive to me given that she’s only seriously been cycling   for a year.

So just after breakfast, I prepared our bikes for the ride:


So you likely recognize my high tech road bike on the left. but you’ve never seen my wife’s Cannondale Synapse road bike which has the same Garmin Edge 520 computer and all the sensors that I have to measure speed, cadence and heart rate. Now we have lights for safety purposes and those along with the computer need to be charged and ready to go. Thus I brought along my six port USB charger and USB cables to ensure that they were ready to go. Once everything was prepared, we headed out just after 10AM. The 40KM outbound was easy as we had a tailwind working for us. It took a total of 90 minutes But the return trip was grueling as that tailwind became either a headwind or a head/cross wind. That took over two hours. Here’s what fitness app Strava recorded.

ride 2

The goal was to get the distance in my wife’s legs. But this wiped her out so after I put the bikes away and served up some water to her. Not long after she took a nap. I took that opportunity to back up my MacBook Pro which I brought with me. I was using a external SSD built with a Samsung 840 EVO to ensure speedy backups. Because if you’re not backing up your computer, even on vacation, you risk losing your data because of theft, software, or  hardware failure. And that would suck.

At about 4PM we headed to this place:


The Gananoque Brewing Company is an interesting place based on these pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My wife and I shared a flight of four beers before I settled on their IPA. My wife bought a beer glass and three cans of their Pilsner. From there we went next door to a place called Laverne’s which had great food and an interesting decor with faux newspaper on the walls:

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I had another local beer:


While my wife had some soda made in Picton ON:


According to her, these were great. So much so that the next day she bought some. From there we headed across the street to a farmers market that was set up next to the town hall:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My wife picked up a scone and wandered through the different tents to see what was available as there was a wide variety of food for sale.

Then we walked back to the bed and breakfast and I got some shots of King St. which is the main drag:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seeing a this was our last night in Gananoque, we were trying to soak the place in as it was a nice place to visit. We’d come back here for sure.

Tomorrow we head back to Toronto. Tune in to see our final thoughts.

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