Our 2018 Vacation – Part 7: Heading Home

Today we head home from our vacation in Ottawa and Gananoque. The Seaway Manor was a great place to stay. The hosts were very attentive and great to my wife and I. They served us great food for breakfast and the rates per night were great. The only area to improve was the WiFi. It was slow and while that is a first world problem, people want fast access to the Internet these days. We’d highly recommend it. We’d also recommend Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata as well as that was a very upscale hotel. It was a very relaxing week long vacation and we’ll be looking forward to what next year brings.

In terms of the return trip from Gananoque, it was pretty uneventful. The Hyundai Tucson performed well. It’s a solid highway cruiser, and we tested its ability to go off road as well. No complaints from us on that front.

From a tech perspective, we did use a number of apps. Besides Apple Maps to get us around, we used Strava to keep track of our bike rides, and AllTrails to keep track of that hike where we got eaten alive by bugs.

Canada is a great place to tour and if you’re Canadian, there is really little reason to visit our friends to the south. If you’re from elsewhere, Canada has a huge variety of choice in terms of what you can do. I highly recommend touring this country to see what it has to offer.

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