Guest Post: NordVPN Discusses Google’s Censored Version In China

Google has been absent in China for eight years – and now it’s planning an unexpected comeback.

According to the latest news leaked by The Intercept, Google is planning to launch a censored version of its search engine in China. The Chinese version will come with numerous websites blocked, including Wikipedia, BBC News, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter,  and will only allow search terms that comply with China’s harsh Internet regulations. “Sensitive queries” will be blacklisted and other websites will be filtered – for example, such keywords as “anti-communism,” “human rights,” “democracy,” “oppression,” “dictatorship” and others are currently blacklisted in China to avoid government criticism. Therefore, words like “human rights,” “democracy,” “religion” and “peaceful protests” will be censored in the Chinese Google as well.

The Google’s China project is called “Dragonfly,” and it includes two Android apps. The apps are pending the Chinese government approval, and one of them might be launched at the end of this year.

Google’s images search, spell check and suggested search features will also have embedded censorship.

The Google employees who leaked the information expressed having moral and ethical concerns about the project.

“What the tech community and human rights activists are concerned about is that other oppressive governments could copy the new Chinese Google model. This would make Internet into a tool of censorship, not the place of free expression and communication,” said Ruby Gonzalez, Communications Director at NordVPN. “NordVPN is happy to be offering a service that will allow people in China to connect to the original Google and bypass its censored version. At present, NordVPN works in China, helping Internet users connect to Facebook, Google and other sites. Our goal is to provide free Internet in every corner of the world and to make sure free speech is accessible to everyone.”

A VPN encrypts a user’s Internet connection and re-routes it into a secure tunnel. People can safely connect to servers in other countries and use the Internet as if they were in the US, UK or elsewhere.



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