Apparently I Am Not Alone When It Comes To Receiving Poor Customer Service From Oakley, Lens Crafters Or Luxottica

In the decade or so that I’ve been doing this blog, I have never seen a reaction like I have in regards to this story or this story on my wife’s now failed attempt to get her Oakley eyeglasses repaired by Oakley or Lens Crafters, both of which are owned by Luxottica. I say failed, because if you recall from the latter story, my wife used a online page to try and get help based on the instructions in this Tweet:

Well, they didn’t intervene. They simply closed the case and sent an email to my wife telling her so. I guess that means that they don’t care about fixing her issue with a pair of glasses that is under warranty.

But back to the reaction that my stories on this topic are getting. Thirty one emails from frustrated customers of the above companies hit my inbox over the last few days (and as an aside, I’m still trying to work my way through these emails so If I haven’t responded to you, I apologize and I will get to you ASAP). That’s a big sign that these companies have a serious customer service issue. So are Tweets like these from people who illustrate that the experience that my wife and I have had isn’t a unique one. Starting with Oakley:

And for Lens Crafters:

And finally Luxottica:

Elements of all of the above mesh with what my wife and I have experienced. Which is a customer service experience that is so bad, there are major teclos and cable companies that look good because of how bad these three companies are. When you do worse than a telco or cable company, you’re really in trouble. And you should take action immediately to fix that. But in the case of Oakley, Lens Crafters, and Luxottica, I do not see that happening. Thus you should avoid anything owned by Luxottica, which according to this article on Wikipedia is quite a bit because if you run into trouble, you won’t get help. Ever. Just browse Twitter and see for yourself.

One Response to “Apparently I Am Not Alone When It Comes To Receiving Poor Customer Service From Oakley, Lens Crafters Or Luxottica”

  1. […] about our rather shambolic experience with Oakley, Lens Crafters, and Luxottica. Which apparently isn’t unique to us. Specifically if we really made the switch away from those brands and did any of those companies […]

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