Review: 2018 Hyundai Kona 2.0L Luxury – Part 2


This is the engine that powers the 2018 Hyundai Kona 2.0L Luxury. It’s a 2L four cylinder engine that puts out 147 HP and 132 pound feet of torque to all four wheels via a six speed automatic transmission which you can shift yourself if you so choose. You can also push a button to have the AWD system give you continuous 50/50 power split between the front and rear axles as long as you stay below 30 km/h. Otherwise it shunts power where it needs it own its own. The AWD system also uses torque vectoring to allow torque to be redistributed along the rear axle to the wheel that has best traction, and will brake the inside rear wheel to mitigate understeer.

Now the 147 HP and 132 pound feet of torque does not sound like a lot. But don’t be fooled. This engine/transmission combo actually does a pretty good job of getting the Kona off the line, onto a highway, and around slower traffic. Aiding that is a suspension that is firm and controls body roll well without beating you up. That makes this sub-compact SUV very nimble in traffic. It’s also very solid feeling and very good of giving me more than enough road feel to know what the car is doing under me. The only noise that I hear at highway speeds is some tire noise at very muted levels. The accelerator is easy to modulate. Ditto for the brakes. Finally, visibility is excellent in all directions.

Now Hyundai has an optional 1.6L turbocharged engine that puts out 175 HP and 195 pound feet of torque which is mated to a 7 speed dual clutch transmission for those (like me) who want a bit of extra power. If this engine transmission combo sounds familiar, it’s because it’s used in the Hyundai Tucson. I can say from personal experience that it’s a great combo for someone who wants a bit more oomph in their SUV. My advice is to try the base engine first. If you like it, buy it. If you don’t, then go for the upscale engine.

Fuel economy is good. I am currently averaging 9.6L per 100 KM in mixed city and highway driving which is pretty good. I haven’t yet played with the drive mode button which gives you Eco, Normal, and Sport settings. The default being Normal. But by the time I wrap up this review, I will have and I’ll give you my feedback on that.

Next up I’ll take a look at the interior with is functional and good looking. Tune in tomorrow for details on that.




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