Kanji Drop: A New & Free Smartphone App That Makes Learning Japanese Fun and Effortless

A new, free mobile app, Kanji Drop (www.KanjiDrop.com), teaches users enough Japanese to read a newspaper in as little as one month. MIT-educated scientist, Dr. Rajay Kumar, created the breakthrough app to make learning Japanese fun and effortless after struggling to learn the Japanese alphabet, Kanji, himself a few years ago.


In Kanji Drop, players stack different kanji characters together, like in the popular game Tetris, to form words.

“Learning a second or third language is one of the most empowering things you can do but our educational system doesn’t make it fun nor easy as it should be,” said Dr. Kumar. “I created Kanji Drop to make learning Japanese enjoyable, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, by turning it into a game that people will want conquer just like Fortnite.”

Kanji Drop features:

1. A full dictionary to look up kanji and words

2. Animated GIFs showing how to write the characters as well as a list of words made from the kanji

3. Stories to help players understand each Kanji based on its parts.

4. Emoji that help visually explain the meaning of each kanji.

5. Powerups and a trophy system to keep users more engaged

Kanji Drop is equally popular with native Japanese speakers who use it to learn English.

Los Angeles-based startup Riot Shield Games offers the app free in the Apple iTunes store and Google Play store and through its website: http://www.KanjiDrop.com.


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