Review: Rudy Project Tralyx XL Sunglasses

I’ll say this up front. Of all of the Rudy Project kit that my wife and I have received, the Rudy Project Tralyx XL sunglasses are simply outstanding. But before I get to why I feel that way, let me show you what they look like.


The Tralyx sunglasses come in three sizes. The Tralyx Slim which is on the smaller side, the Tralyx XL which is on the larger side and is what you see pictured above, and the Tralyx which is between the two in terms of size. That’s important to point out because depending on your face size and shape, you may need to try on all three until you get the coverage for you eyes that you’re looking for. In my case, that was the Tralyx XL. The lens that you see above is the photochromic lens that goes from clear (about 74% light transmission) to black (about 9% light transmission) depending on the lighting conditions. In other words, the brighter the sunlight, the darker the lens gets. That’s handy for me as I usually am out on my bike doing a training after 5PM on the weekdays. Which means that I am using returning home when the sun starts to set as it will ensure that I can still see while protecting my eyes. You’ll also notice a blue lens inside the case. That’s the multi laser blue lens that I will use when I am cross country skiing this winter as it is designed to enhance contrast which is extremely handy on a cross country ski trail.

One big plus to the Tralyx XL is ventilation:


Ventilation ports abound on the frame and on the lenses. This will ensure that the sunglasses will never fog up regardless of weather conditions of how hard you are working. Another big plus is the adjustability. The nose piece is extremely adjustable, and the arms are made of a flexible rubber that not only grips but adjusts accordingly to your head. That means that you can make the Tralyx XL fit you perfectly with or without a bike helmet. Which is something that I could not get with my now Craiglisted Oakley Radarlock Path Sunglasses.

While I did do a couple of training rides with these sunglasses, they were battle tested so to speak in the Epic Tour ride in Milton Ontario by riding the 80K even (which was actually 85K). They performed extremely well as the weather changed from completely overcast to having sunny breaks, and it was extremely windy as well. Not that the wind was an issue  as the Tralyx XL protected my eyes from the wind and debris that was around late in the ride. That isn’t a surprise as these sunglasses have been battle tested by professional cycling teams such as Bahrain Merida, Lotto Soudal, and Trek-Segafredo. In the case of the latter, Trek-Segafredo rider John Degenkolb pulled off an emotional win on stage 9 of the Tour De France which was run over very dusty, rough and dangerous cobblestones of Northern France. If the Tralyx XL are good enough for him in that harsh environment, as well as for some of the best bike racers in the world, they’re good enough for you.

The Tralyx XL start at $249.99 USD. Other Tralyx variants start at $224.99 USD. They come in a variety of lens colors to suit your use case, and frame colors to suit your fashion needs. While you can get them on Rudy Project’s website, I do suggest that you go to a local Rudy Project dealer and try them on for yourself and see what works for you. I think you’ll find that these sunglasses are outstanding and you’ll be taking home a pair.

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