Safe by HUB6 Launches

Smart home security with no contracts or monthly fees has arrived in North America with the launch of Safe by HUB6 an innovative, consumer-focused home security system that leverages existing hardware and frees users of unnecessary expenses.

Safe by HUB6 is a self-monitoring system that transforms existing home security systems into smarter systems for an affordable, one-time price of CAD $299. It redirects any alerts triggered by the existing system to a user’s phone or tablet as well as trusted neighbors and family.

Safe by HUB6 is sold directly to consumers at SafebyHUB6.comand is compatible with most home security systems and works with other smart home products.  Safe by HUB6  is expected in retail in the coming months.

The free app allows users to check the status of their home, control the alarm system, and get instant alerts when the system is armed or disarmed. The included, no-fee, 3G SIM card allows users to stay connected to their home, even if the power or internet is down.

Safe by Hub6 also offers on demand monitoring at $10 per 30 days so consumers can have an added share of security if they are away.  There is no contract required for this service and it can be started and cancelled as desire.

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