Review: AERZ AirPod/Earbuds Covers

Apple AirPods and Earbuds are different as the former is wireless and the latter is wired. But they do have one thing in common. They don’t stay in your ears. They fall out of your ears easily and in the case of the AirPods, that can get expensive. They also are not as great sounding as third party earphones because they don’t fit in your ear well enough. That’s where Wonderful Things Factory comes in to help with that. They have a product called AERZ which pro-ports to improve the sound quality and comfort of your Apple AirPods and Apple Earbuds.


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They are a pair or silicone skins that go on top of the AirPods or Earbuds. Thus they look like this once they are installed:


One thing that I should note is that they appear to be right and left specific. Keep that in mind when you install them. By the installation is dead easy and takes seconds. So, now that they’re installed, do they stay in your ears and does the sound quality improve?

Enter my wife who tested the sound quality with and without the AERZ using a pair of Apple Earbuds. She did notice a marginal improvement in audio quality. While not to the level of the BEATS earphones that she normally uses, it was noticeable. That allowed me to move on the big ticket item. Does the AERZ allow the EarPods to stay in place? To test that she went on a run around the block. She sprinted around the block which got her super sweaty and caused lots of movement which she thought would dislodge the Earbuds. But the Earbuds stayed in her ears during her first trip around the block. So she did another run around the block and got the same outcome. The net result is that the AERZ do everything that they say and are totally worth getting if you have Apple EarPods or Earbuds. They come in five different colors and will cost you $15 USD on the Wonderful Things Factory website.

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